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Final Fantasy XV: Cindy Aurum cosplay by Shirogane-sama

Final Fantasy XV’s belle of the body shop is brought to life by cosplayer Shirogane-sama.

Cindy Aurum, the head mechanic of the Hammerhead Garage who can service, customize and upgrade characters’ cars in Final Fantasy XV has never looked better than cosplayer Shirogane-sama’s amazing take. (You might remember Shirogane from her sensational Spider-Gwen cosplay not too long ago.)

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Swipe to see the video 🔜🔜 I forgot to tell you about my fifth win at the cosplay festival this year! My best boy Prompto @jackie_kyle and I won at #oninoyoru2018 in Moscow ♥ Yes, sometimes I perform on stage at the cosplay convents/festivals x) This year I performed three times in Moscow, twice in Riga and one time in St. Petersburg (and only this city didn't like my performance 😂😂 BUT I'LL BE BACK ANYWAY). It's the first time in this year when I performed and won in female character cosplay. I don't know why but usually I go to conventions in male character cosplay 🤔 Yes, it's true and my the most frequent cosplay character for conventions is Todoroki Shoto 😀 I think, my next performance will be one of his costumes again. _____ Дааа выступили и КРАЙНЕ ВНЕЗАПНО заняли место с моей лучшей булочкой на Они Но Ёру божеее Надеюсь, все заценили, как кепка сделала внеплановое "моё увожение". #cindyaurum #cindyaurumcosplay #promptoargentum #promptoargentumcosplay #finalfantasyxv

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Per the Final Fantasy Fandom wiki:

Belle of the body shop at the Hammerhead Service Station. Having lost her parents at a young age, Cindy grew up under her grizzled grandfather Cid’s tutelage. She inherited his avid love for automobiles and quickly proved herself to be a more-than-capable mechanic. Her stellar reputation draws customers from all across the continent. No matter how terrible their automobile troubles, drivers come in for a tune-up and leave with a smile.

Check out Cindy’s first appearance in Final Fantasy XV:

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