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Star Wars in Poor Taste episode 10: The ABY’s of Alphabet Squadron

We review the latest novel from the Star Wars Universe.

Hey look everyone, we made it to ten episodes! We’re into double digits and to celebrate this momentous milestone we’re talking about the exciting new novel from Alexander Freed, Alphabet Squadron.

If you’re got a bad feeling about this, it’s because there are heavy spoilers ahead. So if you haven’t read the book yet and don’t want it ruined for you, do not listen to this episode. Otherwise, we have a fantastic episode for you in which JJ and Jim dig into the book’s rigorous character development, and argue over their favorite characters and ships.

Perhaps even more important, the moment so many fans have been hoping and praying for has arrived…The Knights of Ren confirmed for The Rise of Skywalker! We also spare some time for Galaxy’s Edge (Connor wouldn’t have it any other way), and Jedi Fallen Order. All pilots to your stations, and may The Force be with you.

The crew of this podcast is the AiPT Star Wars dream team, Event Coordinator JJ Travers, Contributor Jim Lehane, and Contributor Connor Christiansen. Join us as we discuss the latest news in Star Wars, as well as our thoughts on the books, comics, TV series, and movies of that galaxy far, far away.

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