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How Mjolnir is brought back from the dead in ‘War of the Realms’ #6

Thor’s greatest weapon has multiple lives.

Spoilers ahead. You’ve been warned. For more read our review.

War of the Realms has brought Thor back to the respectable level he once knew, but what about Mjolnir? As we learned in The Mighty Thor #705 Jane Foster aka the Thor at the time destroyed Mjolnir by tossing it and the Mangog into the sun.

In War of the Realms #6 however, it makes a triumphant return! How did Thor do this? Lately, he’s been doing some forging seeing as he needs more hammers. On the very first page of the issue, we learn Thor throws the last bit of Mjolnir into the sun and only at the last second understands why. Later in the issue, Thor reflects on the storm everyone can hear.

And the captions reflect on it too.

When the forging is over in the sun Thor knows it’s coming and it’s too late for Malekith.

The mallet of the greatest hero in the Marvel universe is back baby!

This is only part of the story though! I recommend you read the entire issue to get the full picture.


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