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Pokemon Sword: Bea, the new Fighting-type Gym Leader packs a wallop

Introducing Bea, the new Fighting-type Gym Leader exclusive to Pokemon Sword.

Game Freak has been killing it with female character designs for Pokemon Sword and ShieldAssistant Sonia and Water-type Gym Leader Nessa already have rabid fan followings — and the recently announced Fighting-type Gym Leader Bea, who will be exclusive to Pokemon Sword (Pokemon Shield will have Ghost-type Gym Leader Allister) is no exception to the rule.

Bare-footed Bea is “a prodigy in Galar karate,” according to the official Pokemon website, “carrying on its century-old traditions and techniques. She’s also an expert on Fighting-type Pokémon! She’s known for her stoicism and very rarely shows her emotions. It seems her battle style remains very precise, even when she’s backed into a corner!”

The internet has already rallied behind Pokemon‘s latest bad-ass trainer. Here are some of our favorite pieces of fan art and tributes thus far:

Nice form.

Requesting fan art of a new female Pokemon trainer? A little late for that.

Her headband does look a tad like Scorbunny’s ears now that you mention it.

Nintendo/Game Freak has to quell that national PokeDex outrage somehow. And amazing female trainers is part of that plan, we’re sure of it.

The roleplay Twitter accounts are already flourishing.

The first Bea cosplay?

Bae-a is truly the easiest nickname to associate with Bea off the rip.

See? Bea is bae.

Like people weren’t going to make mention of her bare feet. Whatever, we won’t judge.

See? Barefoot waifu.

What do you think of Bea, the new Fighting-type Gym Leader exclusive to Pokemon Sword? Let us know in the comments.


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