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New details emerge about the death of Krypton and Superman’s father in ‘Superman’ #13

The father of Superman has blood on his hands.

Spoilers ahead. You’ve been warned.

Ever since Superman’s father revealed himself things have only gotten more complicated for Superman’s family. Jon was sent off Earth most recently but did we all forget how Jor-El engineered a series of atrocities to spark violence, death, and destruction around the world to prove Superman that people are evil and unworthy of him? Look in the mirror, bro.

Based on what he did to people on Earth it shouldn’t be a surprise he’s also part of a secret group that decided the fate of millions. Early in Superman #13, we learn Jor-El would frequently communicate with a group to discuss diplomatic things, but when Krypton’s imminent demise comes up they all scoff and don’t believe Jor-El. That’s some grade-a revenge making behavior.

Jor-El isn’t too happy about it for obvious reasons and even threatens the group. They fail to help him and even with all this power Jor-El can do nothing but let his planet blow up. It reveals the people of Krypton had a healthy chance of surviving, but due to the untrustworthy nature of Jor-El’s secret team nothing could be done.

After he’s done telling his story (seriously read the full issue to see it all) Superman points a figure and calls him out. Jor-El isn’t too happy about that comparing his little group to the Justice League.

Hey, wait, in the last panel, you said you were meeting in secret! Don’t trust this guy Kal-El! It appears Superman isn’t buying his argument as he calls him out for what he’s done.

Also, Superman, don’t forget all that crap he pulled on Earth!

That’s only part of the story though and I recommend you pick up the issue to read it all.


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