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Britt Baker suffers concussion at AEW Fight for the Fallen PPV

AEW’s dentist suffered a head injury.

Last night at AEW’s Fight for the Fallen PPV the team of Britt Baker and Riho feel in tag competition to Bea Priestley and Shoko Nakajima.

The match was going well until Baker ran to the wrong corner to make a tag before realizing her mistake and awkwardly correcting. Fans discussing the show on social media commented more than once that Baker appeared a bit off, and it was surprising to see such a simple mistake come from one of AEW’s better performers. But there was a very legitimate reason behind Baker’s error.

The dentist turned professional wrestler suffered a concussion during her match last night. There’s no official word on what caused the concussion, but one Twitter user supplied a gif that appears like it may be the moment the injury happened.

Aubrey Edwards — the referee for Baker’s match — hurriedly left the arena last night to help take care of Baker, and in the process lost one of her earrings that she’s had with her for 461 matches.

NXT superstar Chelsea Green, a close friend of Baker’s, tweeted her well wishes to her friend and former tag partner.

Baker is without question one of the top talents on AEW’s roster and is a pillar for their small, but growing, women’s division. Hopefully her injury isn’t too serious and she has a quick recovery. Get well soon Britt!


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