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Marvel lets slip that Miracleman will appear in Marvel Comics #1000

Did Spider-Man editor Nick Lowe just leak a huge surprise in Marvel Comics #1000?

Sometimes big surprises come from unlikely places. That occurred today at the Spider-Man panel at San Diego Comic-Con, but it had nothing to do with Spider-Man. Spider-Man editor Nick Lowe was moderating the panel and the question arose about Marvel Comics #1000 and which stories were the panelist’s favorites.

Nick Lowe said off-the-cuff that he’s excited for the Miracleman story, then immediately checked with his boss on whether that was a spoiler or not. C.B. Cebulski was at the panel and at this point, his head was hung low. Lowe had thought this detail was already out there, and Cebulski shook his head and said no. The somewhat awkward moment quickly moved on after Lowe apologized. The series will be written by Neil Gaiman with art by Mark Buckingham. Gaiman and Buckingham picked up the series at #17 in 1990.

This is big news since Miracleman, formerly known as Marvelman, was created by Mick Anglo and revamped by Alan Moore in 1982. The ownership of the character been traded between various publishers over the years. Marvel seemed to have bought back the rights to the trademark back in 2012, but since then the company has remained mum about the character. Could Marvel Comics #1000 be the grand unveiling of the character? Only time will tell.


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