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Hearthstone: Saviors of Uldum: New Mage minion, Cloud Prince revealed

Mage gains another strong minion with Secret synergy in Cloud Prince.

Arcane Flakmage isn’t the only Mage card with strong Secret synergy to be released in Saviors of Uldum. Meet beefed-up Medivh’s Valet, the Cloud Prince.

  • Cloud Prince
  • Class: Mage
  • Card type: Minion
  • Rarity: Common
  • Mana cost: 5
  • Attack: 4 Health: 4
  • Card text: Battlecry: If you control a Secret, deal 6 damage.
  • Tribe: Elemental
  • Source: Flurry (Korean streamer)

Could this card combine with Arcane Flakmage as the crux to Secret Mage’s return to prominence on the meta ladder in Saviors of Uldum? Or will this card be more difficult to activate than it appears at first glance?


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