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Spawn #299 Review

Spawn must fight Heaven and Hell’s warriors to protect himself and reporter Marc Rosen.

Todd McFarlane and Jason Shawn Alexander
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At this point, with 299 issues in the can, and the highly anticipated Spawn #300 set to make history, I think it’s safe to say that Spawn is here to stay. I don’t think that in 1992 Todd McFarlane himself could have envisioned this character would make it this far, let alone 300 issues. But I say if Spawn can escape the bowels of hell, killing himself, and being an enemy of the state, breezing past three hundred issues should be a cakewalk for him. What I do think we break ground upon is not only a symbolic moment in creator-owned comics history but the future of the character.

But where does Al Simmons go from here? With his back against the wall and Heaven and Hell closing in, Spawn needs some backup. But where will it come from? One thing’s for sure — it’s all leading up to an explosive showdown and Spawn #299 is leading the charge.

This issue picks up directly after #298 where we find Al Simmons battling against the unholy warriors. He along with reporter Marc Rosen is trying to keep them from reaching Spawn’s safehouse which has remained a mystery up to this point. Meanwhile, Nyx and Jessica may have stumbled upon some top secret information that could get them both killed. And if that weren’t enough to keep you entertained, the puppet master returns with his eyes set on destroying the world.


The greatest thing about Spawn #299 is that even 299 issues later, Spawn is still searching for himself.  Aside from the fact that this story revolves around a hefty amount of violence, monsters, and anarchy, it’s always been about a guy trying to redeem himself from his past; this time, however, his enemies are growing stronger and he needs help. McFarlane also introduces us to new characters called The Rapture, a group of unholy angels that look to destroy not only Spawn but human beings as well.

The Writing

Todd McFarlane’s Spawn has never looked better. Spawn #299 does an impressive job of raising the stakes and building the tension leading into the next hellish issue. McFarlane also does a fantastic job of keeping the story intriguing while bringing the origins of Spawn full circle into this arc. Al Simmons, a man who once killed for the corrupt government and helped keep their secrets, now hopes to expose them. It’s the ultimate redemption story.


McFarlane has never strayed away from what makes Spawn such a great character: his determination to never give up. It’s an inspiring message that shows that even a guy who winded up going to hell for his sins can still try to make a difference in a world full of chaos. McFarlane’s combination of fiction and real-world issues really hold this book together and I can’t wait to see how it all comes to blows in the proceeding issue.

The Art

I can only describe Jason Shawn Alexanders pencil work as a magnificent, nightmarish masterpiece. Whether it’s Marc running from demons or Spawn decapitating baddies, Alexander’s visuals really bring the story to life. The action scenes have a very mythical feel to them and you can almost feel the brutality.

The War Rages Onward

Spawn #299 is a visually stunning and entertaining entry heading into the 300th issue. McFarlane and Alexander have taken us on an incredible journey between Heaven, Hell, and Earth so far. The story continues to unfold, the action sequences are amazing, and the art is phenomenal. Make sure to grab yourself a copy on digital or at your local comic shop today.

Spawn #299
Is it good?
Spawn #299 serves as a continuously great build-up issue that prepares us for the unforeseen events that will unfold in Spawn #300.
Intense fight sequences
Insanely mind blowing visuals
Setting up the plot

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