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Pokemon: Scyther cosplay by Naemi Matter

Cosplayer Naemi Matter brings the Gen. One staple bug Pokemon to life.

If you ask us, Scyther is a Pokemon that gets slept on. Which is surprising, considering it’s an enormous preying mantis with a dinosaur head and ninja-like agility. Maybe it’s because it evolves into one of the coolest Pokemon of all time, Scizor?

Whatever the case, Naemi Matter, a Swiss cosplayer who’s part of of the BOB Cosplay Team, must share our predilection for the Gen One bipedal, insectoid Pokemon with the razor-sharp scythes for hands — because she put together this Scyther cosplay and repped it at the HeroFest Convention in Switzerland.

According to the LeafGreen PokeDex, Scyther can project the aura of illusions. “With ninja-like agility and speed, it can create the illusion that there is more than one.”

Check out more from Naemi’s cosplaying team at their IG page.


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