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A new Spider-Man costume is revealed in ‘The Sensational Spider-Man: Self Improvement’ #1

A black and red Spidey suit Venom would be jealous of.

Spoilers ahead. You’ve been warned.

Spider-Man has the greatest superhero costume of all time, but he also might have the most costumes too. If you’ve played the PS4 Spider-Man game you know all about that, as it lets you switch your clothes with a ton of skins. They might be adding one more to the list after Peter David and Rick Leonardi introduced a new costume this week.

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In the issue, Spider-Man fights Firebrand and takes some fire blows that nearly take him out. With the help of Human Torch and Mr. Fantastic, Spider-Man is back on his feet faster than usual, but the costume is ruined. As Spider-Man puts it…

It’s a look that clearly takes inspiration from the Symbiote costume.

Mr. Fantastic can’t sew. Everyone knows that!

The suit is just like the Fantastic Four suits as it’s made of unstable molecules. Rad. Reed goes on to explain the web-shooters are also an improved upon design after he looked over what Peter had on when they took him in. A little later we find out the suit also has some nifty flying abilities.

That’ll take some getting used to! Funny thing is, in the ’80s the idea of Mr. Fantastic making Spider-Man a costume came from Marvel fan Randy Schueller. You can read up on that if you pick up the issue.

This is only part of the story and I highly recommend you read the whole issue to see the suit in action!


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