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Star Wars #70 Review

Honeymooners? Nuff said?

Price: $9.99

Star Wars has basically become the ease-of-mind comic. I say this because it has been so good under Marvel Comics every issue is worth a look at the very least. And now with Greg Pak as lead writer, it’s nearly a guarantee it’ll be good. In the 70th issue with Han and Leia on the cover, the subtitle reads: “Honeymooners?” Nuff said?

So what’s it about?

Read the preview.

Why does this matter?

This issue balances a few different adventures well. That keeps things interesting when Luke is running off with a criminal and C-3PO is trying to keep his legs, literally. 

Fine, you have my attention. What’s good about it?

Don’t mess with the best.
Credit: Marvel Comics

The plots in this issue are great fun and clever on a few different levels. Luke is out in the desert with a girl he barely knows who leads a secret sort of life. Han and Leia are pretending to be honeymooners infiltrating a hotel, and C-3PO and Chewie are dodging blasts from a Death Star. So, you know, basically a Tuesday for these characters. Pak and Phil Noto do a good job pacing the book, giving you just enough to enjoy before cutting away to another calamity taking place. Luke’s is a bit quieter, but just as dangerous in many ways, slowing things down so that when Han and Leia are punching out guards it’s more impactful. 

Pak really gets these characters. Luke is still a bit green and trusting, which is so like a moisture farmer. Han and Leia jump when hotel personnel mentions the pheromone enhancers. Chewie does a lot of shouting and C-3PO is worried as hell. These are the characters you know and love.

Noto’s work is fantastic. From the haircut of Luke to the glow of a lightsaber, the use of color is realistic and the right amount of grungy you’d expect from Star Wars. There is a bit more brightness and pizazz to the surroundings around Han and Leia since they’re on an advanced planet, and it shows. Most importantly, the faces look correct. They aren’t necessarily photorealistic (though they’re pretty close at times) but they never throw you off.

It can’t be perfect, can it?

I had to read over the Chewie and C-3PO scene more than once to understand what was happening. The browns of the desert sort of meld together and the panel choices threw me off. It wasn’t until a second read-through that I realized what was happening. Their story is also the least interesting of the bunch. It’s a standard chase.

Is it good?

When it comes to Star Wars comics it all comes down to character writing and clever plotting. This issue has it in droves.

Star Wars #70
Is it good?
When it comes to Star Wars comics it all comes down to character writing and clever plotting. This issue has it in droves.
Good character makes this feel right at home alongside the movies
Great art and use of color (Luke's hair...perfect!)
The Chewie and C-3PO scenes are the weakest part

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