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Find your vanilla guildmates before WoW Classic with Blizzard’s “Reconnections” forum

Reconnect with your friends and foes from fifteen years ago.

World of Warcraft Classic‘s launch date is nearly here, and millions of former and still-current WoW players are about to get a massive hit of nostalgia on. However, would all of your vanilla WoW adventures have been the same without the people you met along the way?

Thankfully, Blizzard has created a forum specifically for this issue. Check out the Classic Connections forum tree, and find the faction and realm you used to play on. There’s a good chance somebody you used to play with all those years ago has already posted their details, looking to reconnect with old friends and foes alike. I’ve already found a few people I haven’t spoken to in fifteen years, and it’s only made the wait for WoW Classic even more difficult to bear.

World of Warcraft Classic hits Blizzard’s servers August 27.


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