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New Star Wars Geeki Tiki mug available from Toynk Toys

The Sith Trooper tiki mug is available for pre-order now.

We all know Star Wars is on everything nowadays — in the past couple of years, they have even found their way into the world of tiki mugs. Geeki Tiki is your go to when it comes to tiki mugs, big ceramic mugs usually depicting a Polynesian theme and made for drinking beverages. They originated in tropical themed restaurants and tiki bars.

Geeki Tiki has been around for a few years and their designs range from superheroes, sci-fi, fantasy, and pop-culture. From Game of Thrones, Star Wars, to Marvel, they cater to all things geek. And now from Geeki Tiki and our friends at Toynk Toys comes the Sith Trooper Geeki Tiki mug.

The tiki mug is based on the recently revealed Stormtrooper variant from The Rise of Skywalker. The Troopers served with the First Order during the fight against the Resistance and now they will help you fight against thirst!

You can now pre-order the Sith Trooper Geeki Tiki mug from Toynk Toys. The tiki mugs are one of Toynk’s best selling Star Wars products and this exclusive is sure to be on everyone’s list. The mugs are manufactured by Beeline Creative, Inc. and will hold 18oz of your favorite drink.


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