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The AEW World Championship has been found

Tallahassee Police Department to Chris Jericho: ‘You’re welcome.’

Crisis averted: The Tallahassee Police Department has found Chris Jericho’s stolen AEW World Championship belt.

The AEW World Championship was stolen from a limousine while its inaugural champion, Chris Jericho, was eating at a Longhorn Steakhouse (yes, really). But now, it appears it will be given back to its rightful owner.

Before the Tallahassee Police Department acquired the belt, Chris Jericho posted a video from his palatial estate demanding a “worldwide investigation” before indulging in “a little bit of the bubbly”:

Thankfully, it didn’t have to come to that. Thank you to the Tallahassee Police for recovering the coveted AEW World Championship, and Chris Jericho, thank you for being you.

UPDATE: This story has taken another turn. The same reporter who tweeted the picture of the police department with the title belt now says the police department’s Facebook page deleted the post, and claims the investigation is “open and active.” I smell a storyline?

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