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New Marvel murder mystery promo adds familiar faces and they’re “Incoming!”

The Eternity Mask was introduced in Marvel Comics #1000 and appears to play a part in Marvel’s latest promo image.

Yesterday Marvel Comics revealed a promo image that revealed a body under a white sheet and heroes looking down at it. The promo asked readers to, “Can you solve the puzzle before the heroes of the Marvel universe?” A new clue was revealed today in a brand new promo image.

It appears the masked man from Marvel Comics #1000 is one of three characters revealed to be in this “Incoming!” series. The other two are Jessica Jones and Daredevil. The masked man is wearing the Eternity Mask, which is a character we don’t yet know, but was hyped to be revealed in 2020.

It appears this murder mystery will reveal more than just who dies, but who this stranger is in 2020 as the event starts December 26, 2019.



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