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To provide thoughtful and meaningful criticism and opinions on the latest pop culture and entertainment content. Because when you love something, it’s worth discussing.

Our Rating Scale

10: Fantastic
This work is nearly perfect in every way. The only thing wrong is there isn’t more of it. A must buy for anyone.

8.5 – 9.5: Great
This work is flawless save for a minor gripe or two.

6.5 – 8.0: Good
This was fun and entertaining but had something wrong with it that made it less than great. Still worth purchasing/seeing.

5.0 – 6.0: Average
This work was almost there but a major problem was holding it back. Not necessarily worth purchasing, but if you’re following the series you can and maybe should still give it a shot.

3 – 4.5: Meh
Worth skipping, but for diehard fans grab it anyway.

1 – 2.5: Poor
Avoid at all costs.

Our Team


Patrick RossPatrick Ross (Editor-in-Chief)

Patrick is a writer, web designer, and leetsauce level 120 monk who has been blogging and managing websites in some fashion since he was 11. His interests include pro wrestling, World of Warcraft and comic books, so you know, pretty cool. He also apparently really likes writing in the third person.

Russ WhitingRuss Whiting (Editor-in-Chief)

Russ has been writing for leisure in some shape or form since he was in third grade; making crudely fashioned novellas about abominable snowmen, murderous penguins, generic Phantom of the Opera ripoffs, and time travelers inexplicably wearing motorcycle helmets to sell to his fellow students when every other boy his age was presumably catching frogs, kissing girls and being normal.

He enjoys self-deprecating humor, reading about various cultures’ creation myths and quoting randomly from the film 'Demolition Man'.

David BrookeDavid Brooke (Content and Media Manager)

It all started when Dave created his movie site Cine Discretion and vowed from that day forward to write a review of every movie he sees. Along his journey to AiPT! he was a beat reporter, training specialist for a big data company, and now serves as a Creative Manager for a non-profit developing content for PreK and K children. Now he loves comics so much he reviews every single one he reads! When not writing, Dave creates sparkly animations, video, and content for others to better learn.

Russ DoblerRuss Dobler (Science Editor)

Better known as "Dog" to friends and weirdos, Russ specializes in the intersection between science, skepticism and pop culture. He helps promote critical thinking with the New York City Skeptics and drinks beer wherever he can find a nice tap selection.

Patrick HellenPatrick Hellen (Gaming Editor)

Patrick Hellen is large collection of adjectives, in the shape of a lanky, bearded, and bespectacled fellow. He's been a lumberjack, a restaurant writer, a published author, a sales guy, a book seller, a church janitor, a tour guide, a community director, a Dad, and apparently a comic and game reviewer. He reads nearly constantly, tells loud boisterous stories for as many people as will listen, eats food like it's his last day on earth, and still collects comic books and video games. Until he decides to sit down and write another book, you'll have to find his inane ramblings on Twitter at @PatrickCH.

JJ TraversJJ Travers (Event Coordinator)

JJ is a level 99 Tolkien trivia master, cat dad extraordinaire and sour beer aficionado. He sustains himself on the tears of fans from the franchises the Patriots have destroyed. In his free time JJ enjoys tattoos, horror movies, and reading a silly amount of books/comics at the same time. You can find him roaming the bars of Cambridge or held up in his room breaking his keyboard. @heyitsjjtravers

Remember kids, animals are friends not food.

Eric ClineEric Cline (Manga Editor)

The entity known as Eric Cline consists of ten porgs stacked on top of each other and wearing a human suit. They spend most of their time either reading manga or at work wishing they were reading manga instead. Their tastes range widely from horror to sci-fi to yaoi series. You can find them on Twitter @EricClinePoet.

Chris CoplanChris Coplan (Comics Editor)

Originally hailing from Phoenix, Arizona, Chris Coplan has been a professional writer since the mid-2000s. Over his career, he's worked for daily newspapers, served as news editor for a major music blog, and freelanced at various publications (Paste, Complex, and TIME). In addition, he remains active with his own blog, covering everything from hip-hop and politics to popular culture and pro wrestling. His favorite things include Batman, Mitsuharu Misawa, '70s power-pop, anything by Matt Fraction, thin crust pizza, and his dog, Blade (no, not like the character).

Nathaniel MuirNathaniel Muir (Movies Editor)

Nathaniel was born but not raised in Philadelphia. Nathaniel loves movies, video games, and pro wrestling, making him a hit at parties. Nathaniel works for the city helping the unemployed.


Chris Hassan
Chris Hassan

A longtime X-Men fan, Chris has overseen AiPT!'s Uncanny X-Month and Cyclops Week events. You can keep up with his thoughts on comics, pop culture, food and life, in general, on Twitter @ChrisAHassan.

Jordan RichardsJordan Richards

Jordan has been writing for a long time, starting off with bad fan fiction before moving up movie reviews in his spare time. Jumping into the comic book world with DC New 52 and Marvel Now reboots, he has moved towards writing comic book reviews. He hopes to become a video game programmer sometime in the future and continue to improve his writing.

Nick NafpliotisNick Nafpliotis

Along with being a music teacher and a huge University of Kentucky fan, Nick Nafpliotis is an avid comic book reader and a fan of all things geeky. For more of Nick's insights and snarky commentary on things both geek and non-geek related, check out his website, You can also follow him on Twitter where brings shame to his family on a daily basis. You can also preorder his new horror novel Snipe Hunt here.

Jason SegarraJason Segarra

Writer, editor, musician, karaoke king, master puppeteer, ineffective embellisher, Jason Segarra wears many hats. Ironic because he only owns two. Hyper opinionated to the point that a friend actually wrote a song about his distaste for Zooey Deschanel and Necco Wafers, Jason has covered everything from literature and travel destinations to video games and wrestling. His dream job is to score music for crappy B-horror movies.

David HildebrandDavid Hildebrand

David is a huge film fanatic and goalkeeper extraordinaire. He loves all types of film and sometimes considers himself a film snob. He loves comic books, toys, gaming, heavy metal, riding his motorcycle, and soccer. When not writing, you can find David on the pitch, probably cursing out his defense for not marking up properly. Want to talk to David? Of course you do! You can hit him up on Twitter @Sycotic, and you can listen to him on the Adventures in Pod Taste podcast.

Brian ClementsBrian Clements

Brian Clements is an educator, writer, composer, game designer, raconteur and bon vivant whose passion for professional wrestling is lovingly tolerated by his wife. He has earned industry award nominations for role-playing games, performed world-premiere operas, and broken his left pinky toe twice.

Connor ChristiansenConnor Christiansen

Growing up Connor Christiansen was a unique mixture of sports fanatic and closet nerd, but since becoming an adult Connor has gone full nerd. A graduate of the Reynolds School of Journalism at the University of Nevada, Reno, Connor has an intense passion for comics, video games, Star Wars, and Pittsburgh Penguins hockey. Connor is the host of Pull This! and one third of the Star Wars in Poor Taste podcast. You can check out more of his work at his personal blog or follow him on Twitter @konnor79.

Forrest HollingsworthForrest Hollingsworth

One half of the AiPT! Comics podcast, academic by day, and Venom and Spidey-spert by night, Forrest is fan of tabletop RPGs, sludge and doom metal, and generally likes finding the good in things more than making a personality out of disliking them. Find him on twitter at @Forrest_txt.

Nathan SimmonsNathan Simmons

Nathan Simmons is a writer of fiction, stage plays, critical reviews, and lyrics. A graduate of the University of West Florida and Gulf Coast State College theatre programs, he wants nothing more than to make a living being as creative as possible. Raised on a steady diet of glam rock and comic books, there was never any chance he wouldn't become the big ol' nerd he is today. Also, no one has ever seen him and Batman in the same room together.

Robert ReedRobert Reed

Robert first began writing when he was in the third grade with a short reworking of Jurassic Park, aptly titled Cretaceous Park (it was very creative). A native of Omaha, Nebraska and a graduate from the University of Nebraska in Lincoln (Go Huskers!), his first experience with comics was the exquisite Age of Reptiles: Tribal Warfare by Ricardo Delgado. This title took his love for dinosaurs and added to it a love for graphic storytelling. During his time in college, Robert worked on several short films and began to write reviews for comics. You can check out his personal blog at

Alyssa JacksonAlyssa Jackson

A content strategist by day, theater nerd by night, Alyssa fills her copious free time with as much geek stuff as possible. She especially loves female-driven comics, tv comedies, YA literature, and excellent grammar. She is an active cosplayer, and a proud member of the Carol Corps. Hit her up on Twitter and Instagram @alyjack, especially if you like pictures of adorable, overweight cats.

Trevor RichardsonTrevor Richardson

If Trevor isn’t consuming media assume they’re dead. They spend all their free time playing video games, reading comics, or squeezing in an occasional movie or show. They spend too much (yet never enough) time overanalyzing all that entertainment which leads to a desire to put all that critical thinking into words. Their favorite Legend of Zelda game is Wind Waker. They like the sailing.

Ritesh BabuRitesh Babu

Ritesh is a hugely passionate reader and writer. Whether it be japanese manga or american comics, from Togashi and Arakawa to Moore and Ellis, he's always happy to discuss various creators and their great oeuvres. Grant Morrison is his creative hero and favorite author in the realm of comics, while Sanderson is his pick in the realm of prose. An eternal student of the craft, he also happens to be an avid lover of comics history. On twitter, he goes by @GhosttGray

Davis PittmanDavis Pittman

Davis grew up in Belmont, North Carolina, and always had a true passion for films, even from a very young age. Davis aspire to make a successful career as a film critic, and spends time watching films, hanging out with friends and family, and engaging in political activism.

Michael RoschMichael Rosch

Michael has written, directed, and produced several short films. He has also worked as a production assistant on numerous reality shows he wouldn't watch himself but that at least aren't the worst offenders in the terrible reality show hall of fame. He also used to blog on a number of other issues related to science and skepticism.

Mike PursellMike Pursell

Mike Pursell, known locally simply as "Muff," is an avid comic book fan and staunch movie buff.

Robyn MontgomeryRobyn Montgomery

Robyn loves video games, comic books and has a passion for movies. She is a media student looking to go forward into screen writing or even comic book writing.

Rory WildingRory Wilding

Interested in many things pop culture-wise, Rory Wilding is an avid viewer of films and reader of literature, and has reviewed for a number of websites from Flickfeast to Comic Book News. And much like the Joker, he is also a bit crazy over anything Batman related.

Lisa AllisonLisa Allison

Lisa is a full time social community manager, part time artist, travel enthusiast and self-proclaimed foodie. Favorite past times include cooking, eating, posing for pictures while eating and busting an impromptu dance move. Her preferred comics generally include animals or food. We are not exactly sure what she has against people.

Jim LehaneJim Lehane

Jim is frequently found playing with his dinosaurs or Star Wars toys. A self-described science geek, he is a voracious reader and can often be found deep in a book of almost any genre. Besides geology and dinosaurs, he loves Star Wars, Dragon Ball, Star Trek (I know, I know, the scandal) and Marvel. Follow him on twitter @Jazinator or on his website ( for his various geological and other types of writings.

Alex CurtisAlex Curtis

On top of writing about comics, Alex Curtis is the creator of the Webtoon, "Misery Inc."

Regina Chavez MuirRegina Chavez Muir

Regina Chavez Muir is an avid tv watcher and neighborhood icon. She loves monster movies and Victorian novels. She teaches English and enjoys watching Grey’s Anatomy with her dog.

Justin CohenJustin Cohen

Justin is a dog whisperer with a passion for film, television, and music. He thinks Lost is a not tell him you hated the ending. That’ll be a long discussion. He’s been going to the movie theater about once a week since he was a young teenager, known to see certain films 2-3 times when he thinks they’re “epic” enough. He graduated college with a degree in film and television, which led to some PA jobs and working in film distribution for a few years in Los Angeles. He stepped out of that world and now works with dogs while enjoying the perks of Hollywood in his backyard.

Robbie RoweRobbie Rowe

An avid lifelong lover of comic books. If you want to see some of the latest comic book news, show news, or film news, you'll find a fair bit of that from me on

Sean NickersonSean Nickerson

Sean is a geek of all trades and a lover of music. He collects action figures and comic books and loves the works of JRR Tolkien, Isaac Asimov, Frank Herbert, Clive Barker, Terry Brooks, and Robert Jordan just to name a few. On any given day him and his boyfriend Sparky can be found at a mall or out and about perusing comic book stores and toy stores like two little kids freaking out over all the cool stuff.

Sean has studied and performed music for many years such as blues, jazz, classical, opera, funk, hard rock, and ear bleeding heavy metal. His real guilty pleasure is karaoke however, as he is a self-proclaimed karaoke king. He loves anything science fiction, fantasy, or horror related but the thing that geeks him out the most hands down has to be Star Wars. His motto: We all grow old, but you never have to grow up.

Mark BuckeldeeMark Buckeldee

Mark seems to gravitate towards the weirder elements of his hobbies, be it wrestling, comics, manga or science fiction. Mark's vocabulary is what happens when an English lad grows up on American TV.

Chris ShowalterChris Showalter

When Chris Showalter isn’t trying to cultivate a love for learning in his students with comic and pop culture inspired algebra lessons, you can find him reading and reviewing comics from the peace of his Fortress of Solitude. Before he could even walk, Chris found a profound love for all things Batman, and subsequently comics, when his parents introduced him to reruns of the 1966 Batman Television Series. Now, a math teacher with a love for creative writing, Chris seeks to scratch his creative itch and pass his passion for comics on through thoughtful analysis of the medium.

Ari BardAri Bard

Ari is currently a junior at Case Western Reserve University, studying mechanical engineering. He has been in love with DC since he saw the animated series and movies in the early 2000s. He started reading comics regularly at the start of Rebirth. His favorite character is Martian Manhunter.

Benjamin NovoaBenjamin Novoa

Ben was a lover of nerd culture before blockbuster films and hipsters made it trendy. When he’s not yelling at the neighborhood kids to “Get off his lawn,” he can be found at his local comic shop, playing video games, debating over anime, and attending wrestling events (It’s still real to him, dammit), or going for a run. If it lands within the pantheon of pop culture Ben wants to debate about it, write an article on his most recent shower thought, and share it with others. He dreams of one day having his work reach millions and is currently ironing out the kinks of becoming a street-level superhero.

Kendra ReedKendra Reed

Spun from the dusty oilfields of west Texas and a hint of rainbow glitter, Kendra is a space enthusiast with a love for music, art, and microbiology. She specializes in human interactions within society and taboos, but has dedicated herself to being a lifetime learner and science communicator. Called eccentric for her love of all things weird, awkward, and occasionally morbid, she's a real softie whose favorite things in life are hanging out with her nerdy husband and making up silly songs with her two kids.

Alex McDonaldAlex McDonald

Alex (pronounced Alec) is a Glasgow based English graduate who is trying to use his writing to pay for things. When not reviewing he enjoys writing comic books as well as reading and collecting them. His other hobbies include exercise, movies and professional wrestling.

Ronnie GorhamRonnie Gorham

Ronnie is a writer born and raised in the beautiful garden state, New Jersey. He is a Funko pop addict, loves music from all genres, and sometimes he writes things.

Donovan WallsDonovan Walls

Donovan Walls always knew he loved comic books since he picked up Detective Comics #867. But it was a long time before he realized he could write out what he thought about comics. It was longer still before he thought about posting his writing online for others to see. Now he is reviewing comics for an ACTUAL WEBSITE! He cannot wait to see what will happen next. He hopes it will involve time travel. If not, he’s still fine with comics.

Nicole HerviouNicole Herviou

Nicole hails from New Jersey, and is very proud of it. She’s written for Mashable, Bustle, and a ton of other sites. She has a passion for comics that make you feel a lot of feelings, the normalization of mental heath, and intersectional feminism. She’s still an emo kid at heart. (She’s not okay, and you can tell all your friends.) She names her pets after Harry Potter characters and refers to her black cat as her "familiar." Don't even get her started on how much she loves Disney World, unless you want to acquire a lot of useless Haunted Mansion trivia.

Dennard DayleDennard Dayle

Dennard Dayle writes humor, fiction, and ads. He also produces satirical articles and stunts on his site See More Evil, and is half the podcast Weeaboo Hell. He has degrees in “liking books” from Princeton and Columbia, where he talked a great deal but learned very little.

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