Adventures in Poor Taste is the head of the AiPT Network. What is the AiPT Network? Well, I’m glad you asked, hypothetical reader! The AiPT Network began when Pat and Russ created Adventures in Poor Taste, a pop culture list/blog site. Since then, we’ve expanded our horizons and now run five websites within our network.

The AiPT Network includes, in order of debut:

Adventures in Poor Taste

Adventures in Poor Taste was technically founded in the summer of 2009 as a Blogspot blog, and was quickly forgotten about in lieu of the important matters in our lives, such as picking our noses and playing video games. Interested in blogging full time for really realz this time, Adventures in Poor Taste was relaunched in fall 2011 with a fancy new domain and layout. We started gaining traction and not even six months later, we now employ a staff of six full-time writers and multiple contributors. We have been featured on the front page of Kotaku, BuzzFeed, Slashfilm, and multiple other reputable websites in addition to being named one of the Top 50 comic book authorities on the Internet by Technorati, and are growing every day.


It’s not all just sitting on our keisters, eating Cheetos, making fun of video games and browsing YouTube. Launched in January 2012, Athleticka is the AiPT Network’s sports/fitness branch and home to some extremely knowledgeable fitness gurus and sports freaks. Whether you’d like to improve your diet and workout routine, seek advice for your NFL betting lines, or yes, browse some insanely fit women, Athleticka is the place for you.


We wouldn’t be Internetophiles without an irrational adoration for kittens and puppies, would we? Petsyy was born from this very love, and features all things amazing, interesting and sickeningly cute when it comes to our quadruped friends of the animal kingdom. Launched in late January 2012, Petsyy is also unique in that we accept submissions from anybody right from the page, making it a veritable hub for sharing pet stories, articles, pictures, videos and more.


Above all else, we are fans of the Internet, technology and all the culture that comes along with it, and Gogadgit is our newest celebration of that. From news to opinions, lists to leaks, Gogadgit has everything concerning the Internet and the technological world at large. Launched in February 2012, we are just getting started with this branch of our family, but we expect it to be one of our fastest growing.

The AiPT Network has accomplished some impressive things in its very short lifespan, and is really only now heating up. If you’d like to advertise on our websites, or have any questions regarding the AiPT Network, please email Patrick, co-founder, web designer and writer for the Network.