Batman and Robin Eternal #7 Review

Former Catwoman writer Genevieve Valentine takes lead writing duty in Batman and Robin Eternal #7, which sees Grayson, Bluebird and Cassandra Cain seeking answers about Mother at a ballet in Prague. Is it good? Batman and Robin Eternal #7 (DC...
Wayward #11 00

Wayward #11 Review

Big things were happening for our main characters last time in Wayward: Rori had essentially declared war on the Yokai and that was going to be a huge problem for everyone. So what happens now as we enter the third arc? Is it good? Wayward #11 (Im...

Extraordinary X-Men #2 Review

The first issue of Extraordinary X-Men was a lot better than I expected. Although a bit sparse in the story department, #1 was a strong introduction for new fans and had great characterization to boot. The second issue is here with the promise ...