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The Muppets Review: Everything is Great

It’s rare nowadays for a film to come to theaters and be completely enjoyable. It is not often where you can leave a film thinking “I’m sure glad I decided to see that.” The Muppets, luckily, is one of those rare gems that will leave you contented with your film going experience.

The plot is simple. Jason Segel and his Muppet brother Walter need to help Kermit get the gang back together to save the Muppet theater from an evil oil tycoon. The script is cute and witty, filled with self-referential humor and a blatant disregard for the fourth wall.

“Yes, we’re somehow biological brothers. And yes, I fondly remember having a Muppet milkman growing up. What are you implying?”

There is an interesting feeling that came over me during the film. It was an odd, happy-sad sort of nostalgia. As pointed out in the film, these characters were MY childhood. Nowadays they are relics of a happier, more positive time in television history.

Despite that, the Muppets work just as well today as they did thirty years ago. It made me realize that these creations of Jim Henson and Frank Oz (among countless others) are timeless masterpieces. They will work for any generation. It made me feel like I was watching something bigger than myself.

Excuse me… I’m tearing up a bit.

Okay, I’m good now.

To be blunt, go see this movie while it’s in theaters please. If you don’t have kids to use as an excuse, you don’t need them. It’s a movie that will work for all ages and by the end you’ll realize that the movie was for you all along.


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