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Is It Good? Spider-Men #1 Review

Marvel has said they’d keep the Ultimate Universe separate, and honestly, why combine it with the Marvel 616? Part of the allure of the Ultimate comics is a fresh take on the heroes, not to mention it’s predominantly for new readers. Be that as it may, this is the first time the traditional Marvel Universe has interacted with the Ultimate Universe since the latter’s inception in 2000. I’ve enjoyed Ultimate Spider-Man from time to time and since the creation of Miles Morales the story has only become more interesting and exciting. The questions remains though. Is it good?

Spider-Men #1 (of 5) (Marvel)

Not counting the summary page and letters this comic is a whopping $3.99 for 19 pages of story. That’s right, it’s not your recently customary and slightly maddening 20 pages. Hey Marvel, I know this is a 5 part series, but if you’re going to knock the page count for a 4 dollar comic how about knocking it down to 4 issue series?

Crackin’ wise and takin’ names.

Editors Note: This issue was delivered missing the final splash page.

Sorry to be so mathematical, but 6 of those 19 pages is the main 616 Spidey simply cracking wise and beating up regular bank robbers and thieves. When content is already at a premium, that’s a bit frustrating. That isn’t to say that these 4 pages are terrible. Writer Brian Bendis is of course very good at making Spider-Man the goofy, fun-loving superhero we all love.

When weird things happen, call the Fantastic Four.

So the big question answered in this issue is, “how does Spider-Man end up teaming up with Miles Morales when he’s in another universe?” The answer? Buy the comic. The next image does not contain a single clue though. I promise. Seriously. No really. Wink wink.

Sick art by Sara Pichelli.

The sad truth is there isn’t a ton in this issue to warrant a purchase. In fact, you only get to see Miles for a brief moment and in that moment he’s a blur. Literally; he’s a motion blur.

Don’t mess with the time streams!

Also, I’m not too familiar with Mysterio in the Ultimate Universe, but I wasn’t aware the guy was this powerful. I guess he’s a lot more formidable than the magic tricks of the 616 Mysterio.

At least this is entertaining.

At least the intentions of this series far are pretty clear. Bendis had already introduced Spider-Man learning his death in the Ultimate universe has made him a legend. That’s going to be tough coming from a world where he’s a criminal half of the time. Also, the dynamic of old man Spidey and the sidekick style new guy hero that is Miles will be interesting to watch. No telling how deep Spider-Man gets into the universe though, but considering Spidey sees the Avengers’ island he might at least learn what’s going on.

The clearest image you get of Ultimate Spider-Man.

This issue delivers some good Spidey quips, the reason there’s a team up at all and what looks like the promise of an intimate story between Parker and Miles. That’s a whole lot of middle-of-the-road drama mixed with, so far, empty promises. An okay issue that hasn’t completely mucked up the team up and actually sets up what could be a good miniseries. With so little delivered I wouldn’t expect this issue to make into the 10 dollar budget over in ComiX Weekly later today.

Is It Good?

Only at the price of $1.99. At $3.99? Nope.

For reviews of subsequent issues of Spider-Men, check out ComiX Weekly: 6/27/12, 7/4/12, and 8/1/12.


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