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Marvel NOW! First Impressions

Marvel is pulling a DC Comics New 52 and adding new titles each week for 5 months, new #1’s and a creative scramble amongst their books. Luckily it’s not a complete reboot, but it’s too early to tell if it will s--t on long time readers to get new ones ala the New 52. Let’s delve into the early promo material and pass unfair fan rage. Shall we?

First the good news…

Uncanny Avengers #1 by Rick Remender & John Cassaday (Starting in October)

The book stars a team of Avengers and X-Men (probably a reaction to the AVX event) and opens with Red Skull trying to kill off the rest of the mutants. Most likely because Cyclops was a mega dick during AVX.

Remender plus Cassaday equals fangasms. Marvel wants us to think this is a sequel to what Whedon did with Cassaday back on Astonishing X-Men. Do I think Remender is capable of writing of that quality? Based on his work on Venom and Uncanny X-Force yes…as long as we look at the first 12 months. Both of his previous works were amazing their first years but dwindled once he finished their first main arcs.

We all know what Cassaday is capable of…

Avengers #1 by Jonathan Hickman & Jerome Opena (Starting in December)

Hickman will expand the roster to a whole lot more, count em “18 or more” scrambling up the main cast with characters from all walks of the Marvel universe.

Hickman is allowed to do whatever he wants after his stellar work on FF and Fantastic Four the past year. His new creator owned work with Manhattan Projects and Secret shows this guy wants to spread his wings. This being an 18 or more team could mean it will be all action no character development, but at least it will have big ideas. That’s what he’s great at.

Opena brings a gritty style that’ll be a nice change.

The one bad news item, aside from my opinion of a few choices in the image below, is the third book revealed:

All New X-Men #1 by Brian Michael Bendis & Stuart Immonen (Starting in November)

The original five X-Men, and I mean Stan Lee era, time travel to the present and realize that the current state of mutant kind ain’t very good. Bendis wants to focus on the character drama and not the time travel but…whaaat?

Obviously Avengers vs. X-Men needs to end before we can fully judge but…time travel? Really? Why don’t the X-Men remember that little hiccup? Why not make this a miniseries? Can we assume mutants get the shaft…or maybe the Phoenix Five do this? Either way, huge shakeup for X-Men.

Onto the promo image!

Joe Quesada

Who knows if this is a new team or just a mashing of new costumes, either way lets judge the s--t out of this. We’ll go clockwise from the top.

Spidey has some pointed red shoulder “sleeves” like in the new movie. Odd choice to change only this part of the costume and nothing else, but at least the costume remains mostly the same.

A floating helmet with a shield logo. Wtf? Maybe it’s the new Vision…or Ultron…or Jarvis from the movie universe.

Jean Grey is back! Judging by the duds it’s Jean from the past that’ll be in Bendis’ time travelling X-Men. That makes it a smidge less interesting, but more Jean is a good thing.

Nova with blue hands…most likely the new kid Sam Alexander’s version of Nova. Still, blue hands? Marvel is popping Nova into everything lately, cartoons, Avengers vs. X-Men which could mean they are preparing fans for his eventual appearance in the movies.

That’s not the Ultimate universe Fury…it’s the very white nick Fury’s illegitimate black son…named Nick Fury. Way to go marvel. You create a black Nick Fury in the Marvel 616…in a cheap retconny way.

Cap is sporting a more armored look which is very reminiscent of the Ultimate universe Cap. Also he has no right arm. Either way not much of a change.

Rocket Raccoon is getting more play, most likely due to the Guardians of the Galaxy film hitting theaters August 2014.

Wolverine is exactly the same save for the black gloves.

Whoa…Daredevil? Actually it’s Cyclops…but not in the classic gear…which means he’s probably not the Bendis Cyke from the past. Aside from the all red look (Pheonix-ey ain’t it?) the x visor is the big change. What a marketing move to support the X…Men…unless he’s shooting a single blast? That’d make him more of a cyclops…but more likely he’ll shoot X blasts. Weird.

Iron Man is black and gold. Cool look if it’s temporary. But, he reminds me of something…what is it…Oh right…

Nothing new here. Moving on…

Why does cable have an eyepatch?

Thor is in a more armored look which I dig. Also…swords! Based on all the times he’s been punched and failed with his own hammer lately…

Wolverine and the X-Men last week

Avengers Assemble #3

Probably a good thing.

And to finish we have Hulk. There’s a reason the dude usually only sports the purple pants! He’s freaking indestructible! If the Hulk armor is not story related this is dumbtarded.

That completes our look at Marvel NOW! We’ll have more after Comic-Con. Let’s just hope they don’t do anything too drastic and make Uncle Ben’s killer his long lost brother. I’m looking at you Batman.


Please don’t let this happen to Spider-Man!


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