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10 Spooky Films For The Halloween Season

My favorite season is upon us.. That’s right kiddies, Halloween is soon to rear its orange pumpkin head. So, in the interest of a good Halloween marathon, why not throw on these bad mamma jammas?

1. Halloween

First off, duh! Secondly, not adding the Rob Zombie version. You want to do that, make ya own list. The original film directed by John Carpenter remains one of the most important and frightening slashers to this day. Also, this theme:

2. Hocus Pocus

Okay, look, I got a soft spot for this Disney film. Lame, though this is, it takes place on Halloween night, and it has Sarah Jessica Parker looking attractive in it (despite, or maybe on account of the fact that she’s a witch), which seems to be increasingly hard for her to do. I know it’s hackneyed to dog on her looks, but remember when she was cute… somehow?

3. Poltergeist

“They’re here.”

4. Stir of Echoes

A chiller about hypnotism and ghosts, which takes place in Chicago. Kevin Bacon delivers a dynamite performance, and watching him go cra-zay is just too f----n’ funny.

5. Candyman

Tony Todd is a creeper in this one. Very gothic and also takes place in Chicago. Bet you won’t say his name five times in a mirror after watching.

6. Creepshow

If you’ve ever felt like watching Stephen King give a terrible performance, and then get covered in plant s--t, then look no further! Directed by the king of zombies hisself, George A. Romero, this anthology film is fun, and reminiscent of the horror comics EC put out in the fifties. And for the love of all that is unholy, if you must watch Trick R. Treat, do it after Creepshow. I wanted so badly to like that film, but it just wasn’t happening.

7. The Monster Squad

It’s eighties as Hell, it is a children’s film but has some very decidedly un-kid friendly crap in it, and it has a terrible 80’s montage! Good for a laugh.

8. Tales From the Hood

A horror anthology flick, but from the streets. Tales From the Hood has it all; crooked cops getting theirs, little creepy dolls, and a weird ass undertaker. Plus, it’s way better than Bones and Hood of Horror combined.

9. Dawn of the Dead

Man, 1978 was a damn good year for horror flicks. You can watch the remake afterward if you like, but there is something special about the original. It was filmed right before malls became the huge thing we take for granted now, and it’s fun. Ken Foree gives one of the most memorable performances of any Dead flick.

10. The Evil Dead

Watch the original before the remake comes out, with the script writing talent of Diablo Cody. You know, the lady that gave us Jennifer’s Body, that “gem.” Evil Dead just screams Halloween. Evil Dead 2 does also. So does Army of Darkness for that matter. So much fun.

Most of the films on this list are reminiscent of Halloween. Most take place in the fall, and none take place when there is any visible snow on the ground. Almost added The Shining to this list, but that’s more of a winter horror flick, much like The Thing. So there you have it, a Halloween film list. Some for children, some decidedly not, and all from me noggin’. Stay scared people.


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