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Is It Good? Deadpool Killustrated #1 Review

Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe was released in a four issue miniseries and went from crazy to bonkers straight to unbelievable. You see, Deadpool didn’t just kill the superheroes, but also discovered a multiverse where the characters were written and drawn by writers. It was as meta as it comes and a teensy bit obnoxious, so call me crazy when I was surprised to open this comic and see it’s a story taking place directly out of said storyline. After killing every superhero in every universe, what could Deadpool possibly do with himself? You find out here.

Deadpool Killustrated #1 (of 4) (Marvel Comics)

I’m pretty sure Deadpool has never been written into such an insane storyline. The character is officially released of all bounds of reality. As if never being able to die wasn’t enough, writer Cullen Bunn decided to release him of the confinement of a comic book. I’m a fan of any story that goes meta, but for many this story might be too much.

Note all the kills. Proof the previous story was taken seriously.

The concept is simple enough to understand. Deadpool is suicidal in this storyline, but in his last adventure realized he’ll never die unless he can kill the writers of the comic books. The last series ended with said killing, but it seems that wasn’t enough. There’s only one solution and that’s to become “metacidal.” He needs to kill all the fiction that may or may not have inspired his story.

While wordy, it’s actually fun to read this insanity.

Deadpool: blasting skirts into oblivion since 1991.

The funniest aspect of this story to me is the cover isn’t going to be taken literally by anyone. Anyone browsing the comic shelf is going to assume Deadpool isn’t actually involved with Moby Dick but rather it’s some reference. It’s not only a ballsy story to tell, but it’s frankly just funny and crazy enough that it works.

Hmmm, windmills…what story could this be?

That said, I can’t help thinking a good chunk of the people who read Deadpool will have ever even heard of Don Quixote. Maybe they should have stuck with the classics taught in school these days like The Great Gatsby, but Moby Dick is certainly known well enough to work in the story. Part of the joy in reading this story comes with understanding the stories Deadpool is trouncing. For anyone who has no clue will most likely not find said references interesting in the slightest.

Seriously, I think we need to retire bucket list jokes.

Final Score: 6

  • Interesting premise
  • Not many laughs
  • Folks may not get the references

I can’t imagine Deadpool being in a crazier story than this. That makes this book good and bad in so many different ways. Many people will either love or hate the premise, and those who even love it might dislike it by not knowing the stories. It’s a bold idea that works on some level, but it mostly doesn’t. This is partly because there’s little to no explanation how Deadpool is even jumping from book to book…unless he’s simply waiting in time for the events to happen. But that doesn’t make much sense.

Is It Good?

Meh, if any of the panels above pique your interest, give it a whirl. For many I doubt this will be of interest.


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