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Is It Good? Young Avengers Vol. 2 #1 Review

Back when Young Avengers was all that and a bag of chips, The O.C. writer Allan Heinberg was at the helm, new characters were introduced and there was a “shocking” gay love story. Heinberg took a leave of absence and recently wrapped up the The Children’s Crusade storyline which served as a kind of sequel to his groundbreaking original work. It wasn’t so great and it went relatively unnoticed. Thanks to Marvel NOW! however, we get a new dose of Young Avengers, this time by writer Kieron Gillen. A new direction, a new purpose and a new roster, sounds like a good start, but as far as this issue, is it good?

Young Avengers Vol. 2 #1 (Marvel Comics)

When it comes to this series I imagine it as the Avengers version of X-Factor. It’s all about the relationships between the characters and they really don’t need to do anything besides talk to each other if done correctly. I also like to think the gay relationship isn’t a controversial thing anymore, but I can’t help but think many people who crack this puppy open are going to snicker. It’s unfortunate as Gillen clearly knows what he’s doing and the relationships are vivid and realistic in this issue.

Ah, the life of a superhero.

Most of the time in this issue is spent introducing Hulkling and Wiccan’s current status, which is namely they live together under Wiccan’s foster parents’ roof. Miss America and kid Loki soak up some time too, but if you read Marvel NOW Point 1 you’re going to get the same dose of story. Kate Bishop and Noh-Varr open the book, but aside from some 60s pop song referencing not much can be said on their status.

Very pretty and clever two page spread.

Oh, sure, because being the best in one reality isn’t good enough! Way to raise the bar, jerk!

While the cliffhanger may or may not be introducing a new villain, I can’t help but agree with the assessment made of Wiccan and Hulkling’s relationship. I’ve never given it much thought, but their love for each other has always been so final I’ve never once questioned its validity considering their age. It’s a good point, most people at that age don’t even know each other, and the fact that nobody has questioned it makes me wonder if we’ve passed it off with not much thought since it’s a gay relationship. It’s a good sign though, because at least we know it’s going to be tackled with a mature point of view.

Does that mean Marvel Comics exists in the 616?

Nice toes Spider-Man…wait…

Artist Jamie McKelvie, with Mike Norton, is a great choice here. His style lends to the soap operatic nature of the story with very easygoing lines and good articulation of the expressions. When the action does pop up he uses a very architectural composition to the panels. It’s a smart way to add energy where his pencils might not.

Pretty sweet magic going on here.

Final Score: 8

  • Good dialogue
  • More Noh-Varr please
  • Absolutely no idea why this is a team book…yet

The only problem I see in this first issue is there doesn’t seem to be anything pulling these characters together…yet. Obviously this is a series about the characters and their budding relationships, but aside from the threat of Skrulls in the beginning the team aspect of the book is still unclear.

Is It Good?

Yes, but don’t expect much action. This is for the soap opera crowd.


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