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Is It Good? All-New X-Men #7 Review

For many comic book readers, writer Brian Michael Bendis is a nuisance. They hate his dialogue, or the fact that he heavily uses unpopular heroes or…it’s the Internet, alright? There’s a lot of complaining.

Other people, though, are looking for well-written stories with good characters and plot. He’s currently writing one of Marvel NOW!’s premiere books, All-New X-Men, so without any prejudice, let’s delve into the latest issue with an open mind and ask: is it good?

All-New X-Men #7 (Marvel Comics)

This is a slow moving story with each issue spending more time on character interaction than moving the plot forward. Consider the fact that at 20 pages an issue we’ve gotten through 120 pages and not a lot has happened. But that’s okay, as long as there’s something worth reading, right? Anyone expecting huge changes should probably wait for the trade, but single issue readers who can’t wait could probably skip an issue or two and not miss much. This issue might be one of those issues, but that isn’t to say it’s bad.

The hat will really hide your identity. Smart move, kid Cyclops.

Is that an older Miles Morales on the right?

This issue covers three things. One is Cyclops opening a safety deposit box and discovering something concerning himself and Jean. On his way out Mystique shows up to fill his little head with lies. That’s the second thing and it takes up a good chunk of the issue. It’s a lot of dialogue between the two, about six pages of the issue, and it is just okay. Obviously Mystique can’t be trusted as she’s a great manipulator, but much of the talk doesn’t ring very true, at least to the reader. Kid Cyclops however, might fall for it.


The third thing is Kitty Pryde teaching Iceman, Jean and Beast some combat moves. It’s an incredibly fun sequence and it should not be missed. Bendis clearly has Kitty down pat in the writing department. She’s strong, fun and interesting.

That’s pretty funny.

Sexist pig!

Due to the double shipping David Marquez is on art, and honestly it’s as good as, if not better than what Stuart Immonen has done in the previous issues. Not to knock the guy or anything, but it’s hard not to compare their work when they’re drawing the same characters only a month apart. Thanks, double shipping!

Action lines are action packed!

Final Score: 7

  • The art is pretty
  • Kitty Pryde steals the show
  • You could sum up the events of this issue in two sentences
  • Not much action

Unfortunately for the pacing of this series, those who aren’t completely enraptured with the story and characters will find this dull and too slow moving. This series is going to read incredibly well in a collected format, but as a single issue goes there’s not a lot here, not in this issue at least. There isn’t much action aside from the Kitty throwdown so anyone looking for that should steer clear. That said, seeing young Scott Summers float through this story and seemingly in need of a tether is just good comics.

Is It Good?

Not bad if you’re a fan of dialogue. Soap opera comics done well.


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