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Is It Good? Star Wars #2 Review

The lights still burn late into the night at the Dark Horse Star Wars offices, but the acquisition by Disney means they’ll probably want to publish their own comics under Marvel Comics as soon as possible. What better time than now than to kickstart a new series in the Star Wars universe simply named Star Wars? The first issue introduced things nicely, but how does #2 pan out? Is it good?

Star Wars #2 (Dark Horse Comics)

The Death Star has been destroyed and now the rebels are doing whatever it takes to establish a base. Luke and Leia are tasked with finding said location. Han Solo and Chewie are being chased by Boba Fett. Darth Vader has been given new directives and is being relinquished of his Star Destroyer. Essentially this series is the fallout from A New Hope.

Boba attack!

Writer Brian Wood is good and all, but this comic lives and dies by Carlos D’Anda’s work. His style is very detailed, but still maintains a slightly cartoony style that’s pretty to look at. His strength is drawing tech in all forms which helps make everything believable and clean on every single page. This guy could draw a paperback I’d frame and put on my mantlepiece.

Alderaanian Tourist Board Messages are real tear jerkers.

This issue spends most of its time setting up what the book will be about from the Luke and Leia side of the story. It’s pretty clear Leia is going to be getting the most attention of all the characters and really why not, especially considering Wood’s experience writing great female characters.

I had “standard Imperial minimum requirements” on my resume…but I guess now that I think of it that’s a bad thing.

Upgraded X-Wings in jet black. Cuz you know…it aint an upgrade without a sweet paint job.

And really, Leia deserves some focus, doesn’t she? The woman just lost her entire planet for crying out loud. That said, it’s a little annoying how slow things have transpired so far for everyone else. Han and Chewie are basically in the same place they were last issue, only we know Boba is on their trail. Darth Vader has some chump general nipping at his heels, but he doesn’t even appear in this issue. For a comic that contains 23 pages I finished up thinking, “is that it?”

If you don’t know whose ship that is on the left, hand over your geek cred card.

The most intriguing thing I found about this issue was the possibility a member of Leia’s covert team is the super spy. Just look at the images below and tell me they aren’t suspects.

Suspect 1: Look at that angry face!

Suspect 2: The Guy From Aldaraan with the smirk…yeah he’s probably evil and grew up hating his home world or something.

Suspect 3: Eavesdropping on the boss? Watch out for the knife in the back!

Final Score: 6

  • The art is clear and concise. Exactly what this book needs
  • Leia is very strong
  • Not a lot happens

This is a classic example of a comic that will read incredibly well when it’s collected. It’s taking its time, which is fine, but when you’re reading it in single issue format you’re left with not a lot to marvel at. I can see a very compelling and entertaining story on the horizon, but it’s not quite here yet.

Is It Good?

Almost there. If you’re a fan of Star Wars you’ll adore this book simply because you can enjoy the characters in a new story. Those looking for a great single issue read should wait for the next issue. Hell, it’s going to be summarized anyway.


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