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Is It Good? Superior Spider-Man #4 Review

Sometimes what seems absurd on the surface isn’t actually so silly: Turning Peter Parker into a blue ghost who follows his body around, now controlled by Doctor Octopus, sounds like a really dumb idea; so it’s no Bill Shakespeare (or is it — Banquo’s ghost we’re looking at you) but for what it’s worth of the first three issues of Superior Spider-Man haven’t all been terrible. A balance has been struck between moving the plot along and enjoying this new SpOck character. Since it’s been hit or miss we must ask ourselves, is #4 good?

Superior Spider-Man #4 (Marvel Comics)

In the last issue SpOck, aka Spider-Man/Doc Ock decided to stop chasing Mary Jane. Both the Spider-Man and non cuckold communities breathed sighs of relief. The last issue was the second day SpOck was in control of Spider-Man’s body. This issue opens a month into his tenure. Considering that kind of jump writer Dan Slott must have a very specific trail he wants SpOck to blaze. At the very least we can all assume things are moving much faster than we could have ever anticipated.

Pound for pound SpOck is a well oiled machine.

Hmm is SpOck starting to hear Peter?

The mystery of why Peter is a blue ghost is still up in the air and this issue serves more as a setup for what is to come. Thankfully Slott continues to lay on character details that show why SpOck isn’t cut out to be a hero. I could see this playing out in a number of ways, from SpOck being fed up with herodom to downright giving up on it entirely after failing hard. By using spider-bots and new tech whenever he gets into a bind you can’t help but think all of SpOck’s arrogance is going to catch up to him in the form of giant failure.

Seems legit.

But enough about speculation, how is this damn comic?! Let’s just say watching SpOck bungle his people skills is fun. It’s hard not to feel bad for Peter as SpOck seems to be unraveling his life, but to see SpOck fail is a good way to show how Peter is such a smart and strong a character.

SpOck always makes a scene. Drama queen!

Aside from these character tinges there isn’t much here to feast on. Massacre breaks out of prison and an old foe we all know and love makes an appearance, but this is all setting up an incredible fight for SpOck in future issues.

With great myst comes great responsibility!

I don’t know if Slott has decided to change things up tonally, but typically his Spidey stories don’t involve mass murdering villains. Massacre kills a lot of folks in short order. For a cute, mainstream book I was a little taken aback, but this might all be to test the new Spider-Man who’s willing to kill for justice.

This guy is sick!


  • Things are moving along nicely
  • SpOck’s faults are fun to watch
  • Transitional issue

If you look back at the previous reviews I’ve done for this series you’ll note I don’t hate the concept this series is pushing. So far we don’t even know what this blue ghost thing is and it might have an interesting explanation. That said the character development of SpOck has been fun and interesting. We’re getting a new type of story and we should be grateful. This issue isn’t bad, but it doesn’t do much aside from moving the plot along. That said where this plot is going to is going to be fun to watch in the coming months.

Is It Good?

Yes. It tickles your fancy enough to keep you interested but you’ll want more by issues end.


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