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Is It Good? Guardians of the Galaxy #0.1 Review

Way back on October 17th Marvel released Marvel Now! Point One #1 previewing 5 stories to appear in the coming months. Since then all of the stories have been revealed except for Guardians of the Galaxy… until today.

Some might say they left the best for last, especially considering how important this property is going to be come August 2014 when the feature film is released. This 0.1 issue delivers the origin of Star-Lord, the human of the team, starting all the way back before he was in his momma’s womb. Is it good?

Guardians of the Galaxy #0.1 (Marvel Comics)

Of all of the stories that appeared in Marvel Now! Point One #1, which I reviewed here, Guardians of the Galaxy is the only one that reused pages from that issue. To be clear, a full 9 pages of this comic were already seen last October. It’s not that big of a deal, but those of you looking for bang for your buck should note there are only 19 or so original pages here. The truth is if you read those pages then you probably forgot about them and this is a refresher anyway.

How mom and dad met.


In yet another orphaned hero back story we learn Star-Lord’s dad is an alien, who looks human, banged his mom and left to continue fighting in a war that never ends. He leaves behind a weapon only he can use, or presumably those who hold his genetic code can use, as a keepsake for Star-Lord’s mom. Why he does this is beyond me, although it probably has some kind of “I knew you were preggers and left this for the boy” sort of thing. It all amounts to been there done that…but in space! What holds this issue together however, is the incredible pencils by Steve McNiven.

That’s some super sperm if you know you’re pregnant hours after sex.

McNiven should go down as one of the best at highly detailed facial expressions. Essentially his style was made for writer Brian Michael Bendis, who loves to have his characters expound to the point where word bubbles take precedence over art. That’s not the case in this issue though, so all you Bendis haters can breathe a sigh of relief. No, this is more of a storyboard than anything, and thankfully McNiven delivers. There are quite a few full pages without any dialogue whatsoever that capture mood and tone so beautifully you’ll need to check this book out to beleive it.

The whole team…plus that Iron Man dweeb.


  • The art will slay you
  • Good pacing
  • 9 pages purchased previously
  • Run of the mill origin

I can’t help but wonder why Marvel gave the new kid-Nova a strikingly similar origin to Star-Lord. An origin I might add that isn’t the freshest of takes to say the least. It’s odd this team book, at least I figure it’s a team book, spends all issue only talking about Star-Lord, but considering his human origin I suspect he’ll be the tether readers cling to. That said it’s not a bad read, particularly because McNiven does wonders here.

Is It Good?

Not too bad. Not a lot is said, but it’s a nice ride.


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