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Is It Good? All-New X-Men #8 Review

Marvel has shocked the community with a time travelling teen X-Men popping up today to fix the whole “Scott Summers making mutants look bad” thing. Becoming a Phoenix bearer and killing Xavier will do that to you. Love or hate what writer Brian Michael Bendis is doing, you have to give the man props for bringing a new idea to a series of repeating old ideas. I’ve enjoyed this series so far, but as far as this issue goes, is it good?

All-New X-Men #8 (Marvel Comics)

We’re 8 issues in and finally things are starting to kick up a notch. So far things have moved incredibly slowly as the First Class X-Men discover what their future selves have become living or dead. What their ultimate mission will be is still up in the air, but it seems they’ve finally started to get a footing in the world. That footing is only made stronger this issue when the Avengers proper discover their existence. Boy Scout Captain America will most likely be none too happy.


Pretty juxtaposition on this double page spread.

Readers should note this book breaks down to two enjoyable things. One is Angel finally getting a couple moments to talk to Angel. The other is a hilarious bit of dialogue as Iceman and Kitty pantomime what Cap and Beast are discussing from afar. In between said things is a vapid battle between the Angels and Hydra that more or less displays the differences between the two but nothing more. The conclusion should surprise most and titillate many as a monkey wrench of a development occurs with Jean Grey.

Shaboom yo mothah.

It’s interesting that, when given the chance to enter a dramatic conversation between Captain America and Beast, Bendis decided to pull back and make a joke of it. Whether this was a choice because he couldn’t pass up a funny moment or because he wants to keep this series light is beyond me, but it was a conversation that would have added some much needed levity. So far this series hasn’t been too serious and instead has rested inside the minds of confused teenagers. I suppose that’s what X-Men is all about, but it leaves much of the drama on the cutting room floor.

The Iceman Kitty convo is worth reading.

The art by David Marquez is downright unbelievable at times, particularly with the sound effects. I’ve noted in the past this point, but it bears repeating. Sound effects are really the only thing comics have over other mediums. They allow an artistic way of showcasing the volume of things in the story. Lightning in a movie is lighting every time, but lighting in a comic has so much more weight. Marquez does not disappoint.


Marquez does a good job with the Avengers, but surprisingly his rendition is a little too fresh faced for my tastes. The man just does an amazing job with younger characters. Maybe it’s due to the baby faces he implores. Either way, his confused Hulk in one panel is so hilarious I give the man props either way.

Confused Hulk is so confused.


  • Funny moments not to be missed
  • The story is moving forward well
  • But boy is the story moving slowly

Love or hate the concept behind this series you have to admit it’s doing something with the X-Men that allows for new types of stories. If the twist at the end doesn’t make you wish the next issue was here already…well his just isn’t the book for you.

Is It Good?

Yes. Bring us more Jean Grey!


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