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Is It Good? Colder #5 Review

This is Colder‘s last issue, and it fills my heart with sadness. I haven’t been on a ride like this in quite a while. I’ll miss The Hungry World and all its psychosis. Its bizarre architecture, and the plot of crazy interdimensional beings longing to literally eat insanity. This is the end my friend, so let’s jump right to it and see how things wrap up.

Colder #5 (Dark Horse)

Things are wrapped up fast, but I need to just accept this is the nature of comics. On an arc that’s only four or five issues, the last issue is bound to move at breakneck speed. So too does Colder, but at least we get some explanations. We find out just how Nimble Jack was able to enter our world. And Declan figures out his temperature problem. Paul Tobin takes the character of Declan (aka the blue dude) to places I didn’t expect. Always nice when things are unpredictable.

Juan Ferreyra has proven with Colder he is a f-----g force to be reckoned with. The imagery this man has conjured forth is truly the stuff of nightmares. Not since Clive Barker has an artist created such iconic monsters. I’m officially hooked, and no matter what Ferreyra goes on to do, my eyes will be there to absorb every panel of the piss-pantsery.


  • Great, scary art
  • Plot manages to tie things up and defy expectations
  • Romantic subplot seems a bit forced

Is It Good?

Is the last issue of Colder good? Yes. The romantic subplot is a little hamfisted, but otherwise it’s a great ending to a great series. Colder has defied my expectations right out of the gate. Starting with that wonderful first cover, it wormed its way into my brain, and has kept my attention until the very last panel. Bravo Tobin and Ferreyra. I tip my hat to you, good sirs.


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