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Is It Good? Age of Ultron #2 Review

There are only so many forms of entertainment that can be timed with a stopwatch that are worth doing: sex, playing with a dog and eating. Reading comics is not in that list. As far as Age of Ultron #1 was concerned anyone could read that book in two minutes tops. Issue #2 hits the stands a week later and I asked myself after finishing it, “is this good?”

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Age of Ultron #2 (of 10) (Marvel Comics)

And the answer is decidedly no. No, not because it’s terrible, but no because it’s moving so slowly it should have been released collected. I’m not arguing this story is bad, because honestly there’s nothing to go on yet and we still have eight issues to go. No, I’m arguing this issue, as a single issue read, is just terrible.

Now with more rubble!

Black Widow has got a bad “eye-day” going on.

The issue opens where the last issue left off. Manhattan is in rubble, Spider-Man just joined up with the remaining heroes and Black Widow and Moon Knight are making this armageddon of a situation work. Writer Brian Michael Bendis gives us a street level view of where the humans stand in Ultron’s takeover of Earth and it’s none too pretty.

Ultron: bringing the ouchie since 2013.

This issue divulges scant information on what is actually going on. Essentially Spider-Man woke up and Ultron was already taking over Manhattan, Moon Knight and Black Widow were on some covert ops mission and now the heroes are doomed. The first issue spent so much time reiterating that the heroes are so far up s--t creek which made the issue read like redundant slog. This issue felt redundant on top of that issue being redundant and seriously I’m sick of nothing happening!

So the Ultron tech in this shot is pretty cool.

So far this series reads as if Bendis wanted to give Bryan Hitch lots of rubble and destruction to draw and nothing more. We are twenty percent into this series and all we know is the heroes’ backs are against the wall. They really couldn’t have gotten this point across in the first two pages and moved on? It makes the series, at least so far, read as if it’s filler for a 10 page collected edition.

What a bunch of whiners!


  • A few good pages of art
  • Tedious storytelling
  • Wake me up when something happens

I noticed many folks on the comic message boards were annoyed with how many pages were wasted on showing rubble. This issue isn’t as bad of a culprit, but it’s still taking up real estate that could be used to tell an actual story. Character development is nonexistent as we read about heroes whining and complaining. I don’t know if I’ve ever said, “get to the point” more in my life.

Is It Good?

Nope. It’s a long slog for very little reward.

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