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Is it Good? B.P.R.D. Hell on Earth: A Cold Day in Hell Part 1 Review

The Hell on Earth series has been quite a blast. With Hellboy now in Hell, it seems many of the faces we’ve come to know and love are also out of the picture, such as Liz Sherman and Abe Sapien. Needless to say, the original starting lineup is filled with new faces. One of which is Director Nichayko, who is Head of the Russian Special Sciences Service, who works with the BPRD. Another is Agent Giarrocco, first name Carla. These two join forces and fly over to Russia in A Cold Day in Hell. Sound up your alley? Then won’t you join me. Go on dear, scroll down.

BPRD Hell on Earth: A Cold Day in Hell (Dark Horse)

Some of that sweet, ratatatat action. And some Poom-age. Kiddie sandbox play war noises all in in here.

Written by Mike Mignola and John Arcudi, with art by Peter Snejbjerg, BPRD Hell on Earth a Cold Day in Hell Part 1 The Amazing Race: An Unexpected Journey (everything after part 1 is lie), is pretty rad. There, review done, now I can go…oh damn it, that’s right I have to explain my radification.


Well, for one, Abe Sapien wakes up out his coma. No one except psychic wheelchair-bound Panya seems to notice the genius with the Innsmouth look getting all uncomified. Then he disappears. Where Abe go? Is troubling. This new tidbit is just the type of injection this series could use. Just a tiny bit of intrigue added, so all the stuff in Russia isn’t the only driving factor in finishing this two part series. Otherwise, it’d be kind of like The Abyss of Time, where it’s awesome, but ultimately sound and fury signifying nothing but a way of using the BPRD name to sell a story that otherwise wouldn’t get nearly the same volume of units out. (heh heh, I said “units.”)

Snejberg tends to draw his people very proportional (save for Abe Sapien, but he’s always been a skinny fish dweeb). What can I say? It’s perfectly fine, some of the monster panels are really great, but it’s nothing all that new. I will admit he is great with scarring and wounds, and there was this baby that knocked my socks off:


  • A lot of action
  • Enough intrigue as to the current timeline to keep you engaged
  • Research of backstory required for new readers
  • Hard to get emotionally invested in new characters

Is It Good?

So, is good? Da, is good. Is quick story, much like Sledge-hammer 44, but engages readers with actions and plot of why mission so important. Pick up issue if you wish for quick battle in Russia, and to hear more of SSS, and perhaps for you to find out what is up with the fish man, Abe Sapien.





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