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Is It Good? Superior Spider-Man #6 Review

Peter Parker is a ghost, Spider-Man’s body is being controlled by Doctor Octopus and there’s no sign of this changing anytime soon. And I’m loving it! If you told me that 6 months ago I’d call you crazy, but writer Dan Slott is putting together a unique, interesting and fun series. Can SpOck continue this illustrious run, or will the good writing run out? And is it good?

Superior Spider-Man #6 (Marvel Comics)

If you’re just joining this series don’t worry your little head: it’s not that difficult to get accustomed to the concept; though that doesn’t necessarily mean matters aren’t complex.

Essentially Doc Ock is inside Peter Parker’s body and Parker is some kind of temporal ghost that floats around like Obi-Wan only SpOck can’t hear or see him. Peter can physically affect SpOck but only under extreme circumstances. SpOck has been gaining more and more control over NYC and it’s irking those who have a good sense of how Spidey should be acting.

The villains of this issue at work.

Wrong laugh Ock!

It’s only fitting that, as SpOck gets more and more violent with his supervillain handling, that he encounter a goofy villain from Spidey’s rogues gallery. After blowing Massacre’s brains out last issue, one can only fear for the lives of two jokester villains. Usually Spidey would web up villains like Screwball and Jester and be done with it. SpOck is a different kind of hero unfortunately for them.

A strong new element to the Spidey franchise.

One of the cooler aspects to this series that hasn’t made an appearance in a few issues is Peter’s detective work inside the memories of Doc Ock. It seems he can physically move around in them and with some luck he might be able to figure out how to get his body back. It’s a great way to keep Peter involved in the story, but also a way to divulge some character development for Ock. One of the strengths of this series is how it has portrayed Ock. He isn’t some mindless villain, but a real person with a disturbed childhood. It helps flesh out the character, but also make him somewhat more likeable (or relatable), however difficult that is from all the terrible things he keeps doing as Spider-Man.

They’re all going to laugh at you!


  • Another great chapter
  • Strong pencils
  • A little predictable

Humberto Ramos is back this issue and he does a good job with a less action packed issue. His pencils always look exciting even in the most dull of dialogue scenes. Slott continues to build on the SpOck story and while at times it no surprise how the story may fall it’s still fun and interesting to read.

Is It Good?

Yes. Probably the biggest surprise of 2013 continues with another strong issue.


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