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Is It Good? Age of Ultron #3 Review

Age of Ultron hasn’t been the quickest moving Marvel event in recent memory. Typically an event needs to end with a big cliffhanger and so far they’ve been mediocre at best. Here’s hoping issue #3 of 10 kicks things into great. At the very least, can we get a single issue read that’s worth reading? Please?

Age of Ultron #3 (of 10) (Marvel Comics)

The characters are still wallowing in self pity back at their Central Park base in NYC. Luckily this issue ends with them leaving said base, so that’s a plus, but don’t expect much plot to reveal itself just yet. Basically put, if the plot has been this slow after two issues don’t expect it to pick up anytime soon.

Probably how the writers looked at the writing summit.

Thankfully writer Brian Bendis introduces a plan for our heroes. A half-baked plan, but a plan nonetheless. At the very least the reader can expect something to happen shortly. This plan is pretty lame though. The characters don’t even talk it out beyond, “okay sure let’s do it I’m bored anyway.”

It also cuts away to another American city to showcase some additional heroes and how they’re dealing with Ultron. Let’s just say Bendis clearly couldn’t give two shits about Black Panther because he (spoiler alert) gets one of the weakest deaths this side of the millennium. What a chump death.

Get a room!

All you rubble fans rejoice. Double the rubble this issue!

A large reason this book has been failing is the cinematic art by Bryan Hitch. It’s not necessarily his technique, but the pointless pages of rubble he keeps drawing. We get it, the world is decimated, can we move on now please? There are also plenty of gratuitous action shots that don’t further the story, but serve more as filler. Sort of like pointless action sequences in films to fill out the time. Only in this case most of them are so slow it’s not very exciting.

So they punched each other so hard the buildings are crumbling…hm…

I will admit the twist is rather exciting. It doesn’t make a whole lot of sense, but that’s because we still haven’t gotten a smidgen of detail as to why any of this has happened. For some odd reason I’m still optimistic a good issue will come out of this 10 issue series, but I’m not sure how much longer I can wait.

Something we’re all thinking…plus this is proof that’s not SpOck. He doesn’t talk like this!


  • Nice twist ending
  • Enough rubble to shake a stick at
  • Why is this even going on?

Typically Marvel has built up their events so that the reader saw them coming a month or two in advance. They’d sell us on who, what and where and then have it all begin in the event book officially. I have no idea why this series even exists, let alone when it occurs. It doesn’t have any semblance of continuity as of yet. The only saving grace is the recent news that Neil Gaiman’s Angela will be the result of its conclusion. That’s some inter-dimensional intrigue right there.

Is It Good?

Nope. This continues to do nothing for me.


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