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Is It Good? Uncanny X-Force Vol. 2 #3 Review

Marvel NOW! has gifted X-Force with a new identity. Gone is the ruthless kill squad and instead we have ourselves some sort of… team forming. Imagine that. Nevertheless, Psylocke doesn’t even want to be in a team, Storm is sort of just there and Puck is cranky. We have ourselves the building of an interesting dynamic, but it’s not too early to question, is it good?

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Uncanny X-Force Vol. 2 #3 (Marvel Comics)

This series is having a bit of an identity crisis in its third issue. Issue #1 established character motives and a detective story. Issue #2 revealed the macguffin and here we have the characters chasing said macguffin. And then writer Sam Humphries dropped a psychotic Hulk-like Bishop into our laps with no rhyme or reason. Sure he’ll probably join the team eventually, but it’s a bit of a cheat considering he’s a wild animal and nothing more.

Good dialogue keeps things relatively afloat.

Anyone looking for more Fantomex and his clone sister should look elsewhere. Not only does he only get two pages, his story doesn’t add up to much, and it’s starting to get frustrating as we wait for something to happen. I’d blame the 20 pages comics get these days, but some poor use of space and time in this issue negates that.

Which is partly the problem here. The pacing is slow and spends too much time establishing what we already know.

Why did they take over this plane? No idea. They don’t tell us.

Vampire/Hulk Bishop is ANGGGRRYYY!

Sure it’s nitpicking, but the book opens with Psylocke’s arm broken or at the very least unusable. She throws a splint on it and then not 5 minutes later is wielding a samurai sword with both arms. Huh? There’s also no explanation for why Fantomex has commandeered a plane. Oh well, I guess it doesn’t matter. It’s just cool to see him doing bad things… said nobody ever.

Awesome panel!

Ron Garney continues to do strong work here, although I get the impression he’s starting to get strapped for time. A lot more empty space rears its head with unfinished looking panels here and there. That said the psychedelic mind stuff at the end is super cool.

This is what it’s like in Bishop’s mind. I guess he’s tripping.


  • Great dialogue
  • Strong team dynamics
  • Skip to the end please
  • Some shoddy panels

What we have here is a plot that needs to speed up or give us more in the character department. If neither of these are met then most will feel like it wasn’t worth the trip. The setup and character dynamics are all there for a great series but it seems Humphries wants this story to play out at a slow enough pace to pad out the series.

Is It Good?

Yes. It’s worth a look at least but have some reservations.

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