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Is It Good? All-New X-Men #10 Review

Cyclops was once thought to have a clear disadvantage. He was on the run, had a ragtag team of mutants who had recently been depowered, and his own powers were acting kooky. Then he decides to build a school, grab some new recruits and wham bam he’s a force to be reckoned with. It only took the guy four months of comics to do that! So far this series has been quite good even with delivery of the story being slow. That isn’t to say a dud is in its future, so we must ask ourselves, is it good?

All-New X-Men #10 (Marvel Comics)

Last issue (and over in Uncanny X-Men) was concluded with Cyclops teleporting onto the Jean Grey School’s front lawn proclaiming, “To me my X-Men!” We open this issue with Mystique, Sabertooth and Mastermind’s daughter robbing banks. And they aren’t just robbing them for money, but dressed up as the First Class X-Men which will surely tarnish their name. We then cut to the front lawn and Cyclops proclaims he doesn’t want to hurt anyone.

They’re going to need a new PR team after this one.

No instead, he wants to recruit mutants to his new school where they’ll train to fight. I’m hoping they get some science and math too, but who knows. This issue spends most of its time between Cyclops and the usual suspects arguing. If you’re into that sort of thing by all means pick this one up. The wordsmithing abounds and Brian Michael Bendis lovers should enjoy it. It’s a little annoying how little action there is, but I suppose that’s what the opening robbery scene was for.

Aggressive recruit tactics.

Look at the facts jack! Cyclops wasn’t right in the mind and it wasn’t his fault he had the powers bestowed on him!

Anyone up for a debate will have a field day with this one, from the way characters react to what they say. It’s classic stuff when it comes to Bendis’ writing. At the end of the day it’s sort of vapid, all of this back and forth arguing, but it’s still entertaining to see how each character reacts.

Animal Wolverine calm down when Jean talk in ear!

Stuart Immonen continues to dazzle as well. The man draws exceptionally, from facial expressions to consistency in design and costume. It’s very pleasing to the eye and perfectly suited to the heavy dialogue in use here.

You talking to me? There’s no one else here who’s blue and named Beast…you must be talkin to me!

Once again Bendis does a great job articulating the innocence of the First Class X-Men. In particular Bobby is always naive for comedic sake and it adds much needed levity to dire situations. If they can’t work this naivete into future comics when the First Class X-Men depart they better figure out a way to infuse it elsewhere.

Oh Bobby, you are so funny.


  • Solid dialogue
  • Character dynamics are always interesting
  • Frustrating conclusion

The only major I issue I had with this, aside from the usual slow pace, is the cliffhanger. Sure, comics need cliffhangers to ensure sales of the next issue, but the cliffhanger in this issue feels like a real cop out. It’s a move you might see in a classic comic or B movie and it’s screams “cheap!”

Is It Good?

Yes. Much like Marvel’s Superior Spider-Man this is a strong title every time.


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