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Is It Good? Superior Spider-Man #7 Review

Superior Spider-Man has been a nice surprise as it continues its interesting run with Spidey being mind controlled by Doc Ock. So far its been a steady ride with not too many bumps, but you never know with comics…is it good?

Superior Spider-Man #7 (Marvel Comics)

SpOck, as the Interwebs likes to call him, is not a very friendly hero. He’s arrogant, mean and uses excessive force on his enemies. It seems to be getting worse as time goes on and he even sent one villain to the morgue. What better time than now then to introduce a vigilante villain whose modus operandi is actually used for good? The man is Cardiac, a villain I grew to love when I got into comics back in the 90s, whose only desire is to help those who are sick.

He just wants to save the children!

Writer Dan Slott has been doing a great job balancing recap information and development of plot and storylines. If you’ve been reading since issue #1 you’ll note that Peter Parker, the blue ghost following SpOck around, has been slowly learning about his limits. That goes hand in hand with his ability to affect SpOck. He’s been able to stop him from killing before, and this issue breaks new ground as to how much Peter can do to physically make SpOck do things. If you’re new to the issue these beats are strong, but if you’ve been following along you’ll be rewarded with what appears to be actual change. In a comic book! Who would have thought?!


The ghost spidey at the top left looks so classic. Did Steve Ditko come back from the grave to draw that?

Slott seems to be burying small details here and there as well that’ll mean something later. For instance, in this issue Spidey takes on Cardiac in a warehouse filled with Doc Ock gadgets. I won’t be surprised if this spurs on even more technology-based Spidey stuff that’ll only take away the rights of the people.

Those fingers are so scary.

Once again Humberto Ramos proves he’s going to go down as one of the greatest Spidey artists of all time. His fluid pencils make Spidey springy but also strong and his composition is always interesting to look at.

SpOck doesn’t take no stinking orders!


  • Another solid chapter in this interesting story
  • Ramos keeps proving he’s a genius
  • It may be moving a tad too slowly for some people

I may have said this in my previous review of this series, but since this is clearly a serial series that has no end in sight (at least yet) I can’t give it more than an 8 rating. You’ll need to read them all to get every ounce of enjoyment out of it. For what it is, anyone can read this and enjoy it, but the real masterpiece quality of the series requires you to read them all. Unless an amazing single issue comes out of this series expect 8’s across the board. Worth reading.

Is It Good?

Yes. This is a ride worth reading. No doggy bags required!


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