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Is It Good? Wolverine Vol. 5 #2 Review

Wolverine entered his fifth volume last month which means he’s reached five #1 issues. We reviewed it and it was so-so with some interesting detective work going on. Issue #2 hit today and we’re here to answer the question you all were wondering: is it good?

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Wolverine Vol. 5 #2 (Marvel Comics)

Writer Paul Cornell and artist Alan Davis bring us a Wolverine story complete with a mysterious mind-hopping alien entity with a weapon that blasts people into skeletons. All in a days work for our “bub” uttering mutant.

It seems Wolvie’s smelling capabilities are best used with this story as he tracks down the alien who has hopped into a little boy’s mind. Last issue Wolverine killed the boy’s dad to stop him/it from killing hostages, but that didn’t stop the kid from grabbing the gun and running off. This is a chase issue so don’t expect Shakespeare.

What is happening to me?!

You know something weird is going on when you’re doing double takes after reading something. I literally reread this issue three times. I was worried, I’m not going to lie, as I thought I might have been having a stroke. You see, characters say the most random s--t in this issue. It’s sort of hilarious, and it’s not only the aliens babble but Wolverine too, but I dare you to read this and not get worried for your health.

”Curds for protein health” and Wolverine says yes…huh?

Is this something he does regularly? I don’t recall him cleansing his palate before…

The entity in control of the child’s body is weird, and Cornell isn’t giving us any details as to why it’s so fascinated with Wolverine. I’m sure all will be revealed by series end in this four part story, but it’s agrivating to read a character whistful utter, “amazing…so amazing” over and over.

The root of all the frustration comes from the characters not being confused by the odd dialogue. Last I checked characters don’t talk like this! The entity in control of the child’s body is weird, and Cornell isn’t giving us any details as to why it’s so fascinated with Wolverine. I’m sure all will be revealed by series’ end in this four part story, but it’s aggravating to read a character wistfully utter, “Amazing…so amazing” over and over.

That’s not a gun, it’s a Captain Planet ring!

Forget the awkward and weird dialgoue for a moment and you have to marvel at the work Alan Davis is doing. The panels have a cop drama type of feel to them, which keeps the action on the streets and the story grounded. The way he draws the humans getting turned into skeletons is also exciting and interesting. Much props to his work here.

This interchange makes me uncomfortable.

The only crowning achievement I can give the writing here is a quick interchange between Fury and Wolverine, as they discuss which Beatle Wolvie would be. It’s a nice little pop culture moment and it lends to the waning down of the story. It also allows the big reveal on the final page to have a bit more wollop. That said…the reveal has been done so many times it’s going to make you roll your eyes.

He’s definitely Ringo.


  • Davis was born to draw Wolverine
  • Still interested in this mystery
  • Stroke inducing dialogue
  • Cheap twist ending

I love the concept behind this story. By combining cosmic stuff with a street level detective feel there’s truly a unique story being told, for once. That said I can’t shake the awkward dialogue and mailed in ending. If every moment in a Marvel book must end with this cosmic character showing up I’m pretty sure we would all stop reading Marvel Comics.

It also doesn’t help that not much happens in this issue you can’t explain in a sentence. It spends way too much time with Wolverine drinking a homeless dude’s curds. That’s not a mistake… and yes, probably just as nasty as it sounds.

Is It Good?

Meh. I’ll hang in there for the following issue but this is a skippable chapter.

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