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Is It Good? Danger Girl Trinity #1

If you grew up in the nineties you know comics used to be all about scantily clad women and explosions. Well, let’s be honest, not a lot has changed, although stories seem to have taken more of a precedence these days. That isn’t to say the market doesn’t have room for cheesecake and I think we can all agree Danger Girl has always filled that niche. Indiana Jones meets tight leather…is it good?

Danger Girl Trinity #1 (of 4) (IDW)

J. Scott Campbell was the creator and artist behind the original Danger Girl and that was proceeded by Gen 13 in all its latex-boob-tastic glory. He isn’t involved with this series in the slightest, but that doesn’t mean a quality comic can’t come out of it! Stephen Molnar, John Royle, and Harvey Tolibao are all credited with the art for this issue and they don’t disappoint. These men clearly all have extensive experience drawing boobs. I don’t know how much experience, but judging by the breasts in this comic it’s enough to satiate the male homo sapien.

Totally dig the Danger Girl belt buckle!

I start by talking about the art because frankly, the story isn’t really anything to shake a stick at. To be honest, it reads like any other Danger Girl story, complete with a boat and jungle location filled with thugs. Nothing new is brought to the table aside from some interesting blocking of action.

Now with 100% more monkey punching!

And said blocking is also set up, let’s be honest here, to show off the ladies’ bodies. You don’t have your character wake up in bed naked because it suits the story. Which is great, as the story isn’t pretending to be about story. It’s just too bad the story seems so cliched.

Thank Bajeesus that chain broke…she’d be burned up.

Is this Lost in Translation?

A strong choice by the editors was made on how to divvy up the art team. In some instances multiple artists is bad news for a comic much like multiple screenwriters is a bad sign a movie will suck; namely it’s too many cooks in the kitchen. Based on the pencil work it’s pretty safe to say each Danger Girl is given a different artist. The styles aren’t too different from each other, but it’s obvious when it comes to faces and detail. It allows each artist to have a voice in the book and it keeps things clean and clear.

Gratuitous vagina shot.


  • Boobs
  • Gratuitous ass shots
  • It’s mostly about the gratuitous ass shots

It’s safe to say this is a well drawn comic. That’s especially important when the script is as vapid as this. Abby is after some kind of amulet, the other girls are brought in, yada yada yada, etc. let’s have the girls bend over already! The sad thing is, aside from fap material this comic can service any reader with a simple flip through.

Is It Good?

Nah. It’s well produced, but it’s not worth a read. “But honey, I swear — I’m just reading this for the storyline,” won’t fly here, fellas.


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