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Is It Good? Superior Spider-Man #8 Review

For me, Superior Spider-Man is like the Little Engine that Could. Nobody gave it a chance, but it keeps chugging along and it’s doing its darndest to succeed. And it has been. It’s entertaining comics for sure, but that doesn’t mean no single issue could end up being a dud. Let’s answer the question you all have on your minds: is it good?

Superior Spider-Man #8 (Marvel Comics)

Last issue, Cardiac stole a Doc Ock invention from a warehouse to save a child’s life and before SpOck could catch him, he was hailed by the Avengers. They cornered him and wanted to know who he really was. SpOck basically said “en garde” and this issue opens there.

Yeah mister!

Seeing as this series is a serial you’ll be hard pressed to start reading here and know what’s going on. Writer Dan Slott is playing the slow burn game with the story and pieces are falling into place every few issues. Which is great for the reader, because the concept behind this series has been extremely entertaining. To see SpOck speak in his Ock way and at the same time have Peter Parker float around as a blue ghost is a breath of fresh air for this series.

Spider-Woman butt and Captain America shield to the face. Can’t get better than this!

Unfortunately for Peter, the Avengers were only really worried about mind control or if SpOck was a Skrull. That’s bad news for Peter, but really, can we blame the Avengers? It’s not like this kind of thing has happened before. At least on a scientific scale as this was done by Doc Ock.

I love how Ramos draws ghost Peter as if he’s liquid.

Love the SpOck internal monologue here.

Slott continues to show the dastardly side of SpOck but also the tender side. It seems SpOck has a weakness for children in need and he stops at nothing to help them. One of the fun aspects of this series is watching SpOck wonder why Peter ever was a hero, to loving the accolades that come from saving others. He’s not quite getting the hero thing, but it may slowly reveal itself to him over time.

On top of all that, this issue was drawn by Humberto Ramos and does he do an incredible job. He draws Spidey and Spider-Woman in this issue with elongated limbs and torsos which add to the arachnid quality of them. It’s a lot of fun and it helps differentiate Spider-Man from normal people. Ditko was great, but he tended to draw Spider-Man like any yokel in a costume. Note the image below and how his torso is twisting impossibly. It’s great stuff, which makes every panel that much more interesting.

This guy rocks the ab blaster.


  • Ramos tantalizes
  • The story continues and every moment is great
  • It’s a serial so don’t go in blind

This series has been a consistent single issue treat with every installment. At the rate it’s going I can’t see a single issue failing. Finally we have a comic that’s got fresh ideas and there’s really no way to anticipate where it will go.

Is It Good?

Yes. I’m starting to sound like a broken record, but dang is this good reading.


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