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Is It Good? GFT Vampires: The Eternal #1 Review

As Americans endure heatwaves, vapid blockbusters, and bungling tourists, the sole consolation for some is that comic book publishers will deliver their summer events. These generally have the blockbuster feel of a Michael Bay picture, but have the added benefit of multiple writers and artists coming together to bring you one summer long story.

DC has Trinity War, Marvel has some unnamed cosmic story brewing and Zenescope Entertainment has Unleashed which begins this week. The first summer event to begin, we review the first tie in which takes place after Unleashed #1, is it good?

GFT Vampires: The Eternal #1 (Zenescope Entertainment)

Being one of those readers who doesn’t much like reading the “previously” page to open comics these days I can safely say I had absolutely no idea what I was about to read. This is my first book in this line of comics and wanted this story to envelop me as best it could. A good old fashioned, “Let’s see what you got… b---h.” Thankfully the book was extremely accessible, and I found myself both understanding the characters and rooting for the twists and turns. Essentially what I’m getting at is this: the book is a joy to read and anybody can read it.

It opens like any good movie or TV show, by offering up something predictable and then smashing your prediction right in the face.

Vampires in looooovvve.

I’ve reviewed only a few comics written by Pat Shand and there seems to be a universal truth with his writing. The man knows dialogue. There are times when a comic doesn’t nail a character, or just has forced dialogue throughout, which makes those reads a real slog to get through. Here though, the dialogue is clear, interesting and has plenty of character elements to keep your interest satiated.

Expectations destroyed.

The book focuses on Samira, the “queen of all vampires” who has recently returned to Earth. It’s not surprising she’s sick of these lovestruck vamps and wants to get back to the evil side of things. The story ties into Unleashed, but I think it’s safe to say this is more of a character study of Samira and her background more than anything. Which is probably why I enjoyed this book so much. Character is the driving force behind some of the best works out there and this one has it in droves.

Twisted humor

The arty by Vittorio Garofoli is good to serviceable in this issue. Aside from an awkward panel or two it tells the story well as far as pacing and composition. His werewolf in Paris sequence is quite good and I want to say his handling of action is stronger than the static scenes.

Not sure if this werewolf is American but he’s definitely in Paris.


  • Great dialogue with some good laughs
  • A few awkward panels

Overall this is a win for Zenescope. The story is ambitious as it takes place in both the 1500’s and the present day, and juggles the main event series well but also has an identity of its own. Its tie-ins like this that prove a summer event can succeed for the reader and the publisher. Too often the tie in is an excuse to sell another book, but here it’s obvious a good story is being told.

Is It Good?

Yes. Well written and a strong start for Zenescope’s summer event.


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