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Is It Good? Age of Ultron #7 Review

Anyone can rationalize something to the point where it’s good. Case in point: Marvel’s spring event Age of Ultron which pretty much stank up the joint the first five issues. Revisionist historians, otherwise known as comic reviewers, can say, “oh yeah it setup the rest so well,” but I’m no fool. The premise that the heroes lost and were in dire straights was simple, but did it need to be hammered over our heads constantly for four flipping issues!? Anyhoo, things turned around last issue, but #7 is no guarantee. Is it good?

Age of Ultron #7 (of 10) (Marvel Comics)

Last issue, (spoiler alert) Wolverine went back in time and killed Hank Pym. Invisible Woman was there and let him do it, largely because Ultron pretty much ruined Earth forever. Wolverine and Invisible Woman are now back to see the fruits of their bounty and, surprise surprise, it’s not a perfect future. Clearly writer Brian Bendis is having fun weaving in alternate reality ideas with Pym gone but at the same time not being annoyingly outspoken about it. It’s striking to consider everything that happened before this issue was erased. Now, maybe in the next three issues that will be proven wrong, but aside from the mindset Invisible Woman and Wolverine carry, THE LAST SIX ISSUES WERE POINTLESS.

You couldn’t ask these questions BEFORE you killed a friend and teammate?

Part of the fun, or possibly all the fun, of elseworld tales is seeing all the heroes we love and how they’ve changed. We get plenty of that when The Defenders show up to confront Wolverine and Invisible Woman. We get a Cable-looking Cyclops, a Nick Fury-looking Captain America and some subtle changes to Thing and Hulk. It’s also neat to see Cyclops drop a cosplay joke on them:

That’s about all the fun you’re going to have in this issue; deciphering what the changes are and where the world is at now. The twist ending wasn’t completely surprising, because really, how often have we seen time travel replace one villain with another, but it’ll be interesting to see how this new villain is fleshed out next issue.

How to beat Wolverine in one strike.

The art by Carlos Pacheco and Brandon Peterson is, needless to say really, a hell of a ton better than what Bryan Hitch was delivering the first few issues. It’s actually clear what is happening due to the placement of panels but also the facial expressions as well. This is how an event comic should look. There isn’t a panel that perturbs or confuses.

Light show! Somebody bring me a light stick!


  • The art is a pleasure
  • The elseworld stuff is cool if that’s your thing
  • Predictable turn of events
  • Yet another senseless heroes fighting heroes issue

What this issue boils down to is a very predictable turn of events mixed with some cool elseworlds stuff. Unfortunately most of this issue consists of heroes fighting heroes before they predictably will join forces. Maybe it’s just me, but I’ve seen this story play out way too many times.

Is It Good?

Meh. The art pulls this into decent territory but the story is very by the numbers.


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