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Is It Good? Miss Fury #2 Review

This comic and me didn’t get off to a good start last issue. So why am I back? Well I have read comics that started off bad at first but completely turned around on the second issue. So maybe this comic will be like that: It could be great! Still, before it even gets to “great” levels, is it good?

Miss Fury #2 (Dynamite)

miss fury 2 cover

The comic begins with Miss Fury shooting Nazi jets out of the sky before jumping to a scene where she is in an interrogation room being questioned by this guy she met back in the 40’s about how the hell she randomly appeared in a museum out of nowhere. Then we cut back to the 40’s where she is having sex with the scarred guy we saw last issue. Then the comic wraps up with her being ordered to assassinate the Speaker of the House who may be a Nazi spy! By the way, the government is just randomly handing her this assignment with no formal training and no knowledge of her background at all. What the hell?!

Miss Fury 01
Sure, let’s just hire any random person who is time-warped into a museum.

Well at least we got something going… sort of. This comic’s story is paper thin honestly, with Miss Fury being pushed into this government plan after randomly stumbling into this time period. Speaking of which, when did she arrive anyways? Did she arrive when the Nazis were bombing and attacking New York in the opening or when she appeared in the museum? It’s not clear and this issue has a bad habit of jumping around, breaking up the flow and pacing of the story.

Besides that, this issue was just dull. There’s really not much to it and not much context to a lot of what is happening. It really does not do a good job at investing me in it and the ending just made me sigh, not really caring about the surprise it pulled. Though, what really did grab my attention was the weird censorship in it. In the comic, the characters swear, there was some nudity and brutal violence, and there was a sex scene. However, every time someone says f**k, it’s blotted out.

Remember people, this is okay…

Miss Fury 03
…and this okay, but no f-bombs allowed! We wouldn’t want people picking up bad habits.

Then we get back to the art itself. It still has the same problems with its boring look and average layouts, while also retaining the terrible facial expressions. When she’s Miss Fury she always has her mouth open like it’s locked in place, and when anyone smiles it looks creepy as all hell. Like the video for Soundgarden’s “Black Hole Sun” level of creepy. It’s just not visually appealing outside of a panel or two.

Miss Fury 04
Frankly, I’m the one who is intimidated here.


  • Hey! There’s a story now…
  • Too bad it’s a poorly written story.
  • The artwork remains ugly.

Is It Good?

Still a big fat no on this one. While we got a story going and the main character was more tolerable, the comic now gives the audience a weak and dull story, odd censorship, and ugly art. Put your money towards some other pulp comic, like Black Bat that just came out recently.




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