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Is It Good? Superboy #20 Review

Superboy has been having a rough time since the reboot started. Questionable origin changes, bad writers, uncertainty of where the character is going, and so much more. It’s all a big mess, honestly. However, we have a new writer stepping into the ring by the name of Justin Jordan, writer of the Luther Strode series. With him in charge of Superboy now, can we finally something positive about it in response to this question: is it good?

Superboy #20 (DC Comics)

After events in a previous issue, Superboy is heading to a police station when he is met by a mysterious short man who wants him to help fight against a mysterious group called the H.I.V.E. Speaking of which, the H.I.V.E. attacks them using two of their agents/weapons, Psihon and Dreadnought. Thus begins an issue long brawl with Superboy fighting the two and the mysterious guy astro-projecting himself.

Didn’t I see one of you guys before in Destroy All Humans?

The comic was…okay. Nothing particularly bad about it, but nothing that really sucked me in either. The dialogue is fine, the action is fine, the setup is fine, and the character stuff was also fine. Just fine all around, but not a comic that would immediately grab you or leave you wanting more.

The art was done by R.B. Silva and Kenneth Rocafort and it’s kind of weird. The styles the artists use are very different from each other, especially when it comes to the use of inking, so when the comic switches between them, it actually becomes a bit jarring in a way. That said, each of their work is good and there’s nothing to complain about honestly.

Well besides maybe Superboy’s derpy eyes here.


  • Everything about this comic works…
  • …But there is nothing memorable either.
  • Art shift is a bit odd at times.

Is It Good?

Yeah, but it’s not particularly great on the other hand. Justin’s work here was much better than what came before and there appears to be a very clear goal with future consequences, as seen in the last page. However, I can’t really recommend Superboy since it was just an average comic with not much in it either. Sad really that becoming average is the best thing that has happened to this title in a long time.


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