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Is It Good? Age of Ultron #8 Review

Here we are, into the 8th issue of the 10 part Age of Ultron Marvel event and for all intents and purposes I could have sworn we were in a new event. You see, the first few issues were so shockingly different, from story to art, that you could start reading now and not miss a beat. Any haters of this series you’re on point, cuz chances are you will be surprised by the answer to the question, is it good?

Age of Ultron #8 (of 10) (Marvel Comics)

Last issue Wolverine and Invisible Woman popped back in their time machine to see the new world created with Hank Pym dead. Things are better, at least at face value, but a lot has changed. Cyclops calls himself Cable and is missing an eye, Captain America is now Colonel America and Iron Man seems to have a stranglehold on the world due to a robot army and a plethora of mental issues. Part of the fun of the last issue was figuring out what was going on, and this issue is more of the same in that regard.

The next Marvel event: “Fantasia of Insanity!”

This issue spends most of its time alluding to why Tony is a cyborg looking menace. You don’t get too many details, but it’s pretty clear killing Pym really mucked up the future and Tony Stark took the brunt of the damage done. There are a bunch of heroes missing too, most likely killed in wars, but at least the world isn’t rubble. We got way too much of that in the first 3 issues am I right? Essentially this issue is catching us up on the new timeline right before a new threat is revealed and then attacks.

In this alternate reality Emma Frost got a boob job.

Maybe it’s because this new version of Tony is more interesting, but I find this portion of the event much more interesting. To see the heroes we know wallow in their misery the first few issues was slow and laborious, but now I want to know why Tony looks like a dead fish covered in metal. Anyone looking for action should probably steer clear, because really this is a talk fest that’s focused on coulda woulda shouldas.

Yeah, I saw that movie!

Artist Brandon Peterson does a great job with the smallest of panels and while he doesn’t have a lot to work with, he does an exceptional job with facial expressions and atmosphere.

Sad Tony is so sad.


  • Expressive and clear art
  • Dialogue is well written
  • A full issue to reveal a new enemy

What we have here is a new timeline with the same old problems only in this one Wolverine can take the blame for thoroughly creating new mental problems for the heroes. There’s really no telling where this event is going at this point, because so much has changed since issue #1 I don’t even know how Ultron is involved in the slightest. That said, it’s a fun elseworlds type of tale and it’s interesting to see the subtle changes and not so subtle changes throughout.

Is It Good?

Decent. If you dig elseworlds stuff you’ll love this, but generally the drama and character development is in the slightest focus here.


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