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Is It Good? B.P.R.D. Hell on Earth Wasteland Part 1 Review

Written by Mike Mignola (I’m beginning to think Arcudi just emails Mignola, and Mignola goes, “sure,” and gets a writers credit) and John Arcudi, with art by Laurence Campbell, this B.P.R.D. deals with the agency fighting monsters. I too was shocked by this inexplicable new direction. No, for reals, it’s good though.

B.P.R.D. Hell on Earth: Wasteland

You really get a sense of the world ending in this one. It’s nice after all of the other Hell on Earths just kind of hint that the world as we know it might be exiting stage left. And then of course, a big monster comes, which is the highlight, and then the B.P.R.D. manages to kill the thing. Ad infinitum; lather, rinse, repeat; put the lotion on the skin, or else get the hose again, etc. But this one we get agent Ends, who is one of the first agents I can remember in recent memory in the Hell on Earth saga that’s been appropriately freaked the f--k out. Plus, any time I get to see a dude popping pills in the first page of a B.P.R.D. (or really, in any comic,) it makes me happy. Come on now, let’s be honest, if you were around when a 100 foot jelly fish-looking beast from Hell popped out of the ground unannounced, you’d be downing tranqs like you were in a competitive pill-eating contest. Christ, I think most people would have liver failure in a week.

It’s nice when I get a panel of someone dropping “m----------r,” then blasting a monster to s--t as well. Even if it is bleeped.


  • Sense of dread that the world is really ending
  • Seems remarkably similar to a lot of other B.P.R.D. Hell on Earth arcs

Laurence Campbell is Tim Bradstreet-esque. Faces masked in shadow. Somewhat photorealistic, which makes it that much cooler when a giant-ass monster is vomited forth from the ground.

Is It Good?

“Is it good,” I am required by Adventures in Poor Taste law to ask. Yes, ’tis good, but ’tis not original enough to stand out among the sea of other B.P.R.D. Hell on Earth arcs. This reviewer may need a break from reviewing any new B.P.R.D. arcs. He shall finish up the ones he started, but good god, how many arcs are they going to have?! Just when I think I’m good on covering them, three more pop up! They are multiplying like rabbits here, people! Soon, there will be nothing left on the shelf but B.P.R.D. Hell on Earth arcs! Listen to me, complaining there are too many comics with giant monsters in them…


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