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Is It Good? Star Wars: Darth Vader and the Ninth Assassin #2 Review

Darth Vader is an icon largely because his look is so striking. Which makes you wonder, why aren’t there more characters in the mythos with a similar looking mask? It’s most likely a technology used to help anyone breath, or is the Empire hogging all the best prosthetics?

Well, maybe not, as Dark Horse was smart enough (or is that, sacrilegious enough?) to create a new character with a similar looking mask, only he’s an assassin out to kill Lord Vader. It’s a cool premise particularly because it’s an original character and not the same old same old, but is it good?

Star Wars: Darth Vader and the Ninth Assassin #2 (Dark Horse Comics)

Last issue revealed the ninth assassin wasn’t the alien on the cover but using him as a front to protect his identity. Not a lot happened in the issue besides this reveal and the issue went way too slow for my tastes. In what some comics show in two pages this issue spent twenty. This tells us a couple things about this miniseries, the most important of which is that it’ll be a slow burner and probably best enjoyed collected. That isn’t to say this issue wasn’t great though, because a larger mystery is being uncovered and on top of that, the art by Stephen Thompson is going to blow your mind.

One of the genius moves by writer Tim Siedell introduces in this issue is to show Darth and the Emperor scared. I’m not sure we’ve ever seen them scared, maybe only perturbed, but here they are genuinely afraid of a dark magic that was long thought dead. By showing them as victims they become the heroes of the story. This, without harping on any Anakin lost his way bologna, which is exciting to see.

The issue opens with a terrorist attack on a Star Destroyer from a dark magic cult and it’s drawn masterfully by Siedell. In only a few panels he sets up and composes incredible drama. With a mix of close ups and point of view shots you get a really well composed sequence.

The rest of the issue consists of really only two scenes, and similar to the first issue, the pace is very slow. Luckily though, Siedell composes the scenes not only in great detail, but with a lot of story going on in the faces of the characters. It’s not often we get to see Darth as a fish out of water, but this is just that and it’s sweet.


  • Well blocked and composted action scenes
  • Original premise in an sea unoriginal stories
  • Still a bit slow

It’s not everyday you get a fresh story in the Star Wars universe. More times than not we get another rehash Boba Fett story, or some Jedi story with a couple different pieces added in to make it fresh. This story however, reads and feels as fresh as they come.

Is It Good?

Yes. I wasn’t sold on the first issue, but this issue sells the series as a must read. A unique and exciting ride.


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