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Is It Good? House of Gold and Bones #2 Review

Issue one of Dark Horse’s House of Gold and Bones left us with one hell of a lot of questions and not many answers. Does issue numero dos do anything to to alleviate our quandaries? Let’s take a gander, shall we?

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House of Gold and Bones #2 (Dark Horse Comics)

Issue #2 starts off right where we left off in issue number one and if you have any idea where exactly that puts us, for the love of god email and inform me. I understand that the concept of this comic book is that we are thrust into the dreamworld of our protagonist, but throw me a frickin’ bone.

I was really hoping for some context within this issue but sadly I was left with none. Our guy: meets the screaming evil from issue 1, gets away, goes for a walk and then meets the screaming evil again. Outside of the faded allure of the “crimson city,” I can’t think of any aspect of this comic that would entice me to delve deeper into its run.

The writing isn’t bad, per se. Corey Taylor has a bad habit of describing moods and actions through text boxes instead of letting things speak for themselves. There is a pace to the comic, meaning that the story is going somewhere, but it almost feels stagnant, as if we were going about in circles. Perhaps this is the desired effect and Mr. Taylor is a genius. If that’s the case I apologize, but I’m willing to bet it isn’t.

For the most part, this is how the comic makes me feel.

The characters seem a bit flat, mainly because the overdone ambiguity ensures that we know nothing about them. Again, I understand that this may all be part of the motif, but sometimes you need to spoon-feed a bit of info to keep up interest.

The art is actually quite nice. Richard Clark has a knack for drawing menacing creatures and his facial expressions, while occasionally contorted, read very well. The backgrounds vary from interesting to blatant blank walls. In general a decent portion of the art feels rushed.

You have to give it to Clark; he can draw sinister.


  • Decent art and fluid panels
  • The ambiguity of it all results in boredom
  • Pacing feels somewhere between slow and stagnant

Is It Good?

As a second issue, this comic is okay. At this point I’m so invested in this concept that I need at least one answer before giving it up completely. If the silent game continues into issue number three I would probably suggest moving on with your life.


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