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Is It Good? Star Wars: Legacy #3 Review

Some of the greatest relationships in movies and comics would fall completely flat if you took one character out of the mix. Think of Han Solo without Chewie, Batman without Alfred or, hell, Family Matters without Urkel (look it up, he wasn’t originally a co star). It’s particularly evident when that something has been missing when a new element or character is added in a story and you realize how much better the story has become as a whole.

Star Wars: Legacy #3 (Dark Horse Comics)

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See the dude on the cover? Yeah, he hasn’t been much of a factor until this issue. It seems he was in a fog of confusion until this issue when he realizes something is going on with a fellow “Jedi” who we know to be a Sith.

Last issue ended with our heroes, an IG-88 looking bounty hunter, a Mon Calamari kid and a girl who’s a direct descendant of Han and Leia Solo, barely escaping said Sith. This issue catches our Jedi cover model up with the other heroes which makes this a both fun and enlightening read.

Our heroes. Solo is similar to her dad, but her compatriot is nothing like Chewie. The coward!

It’s in this issue I realized what this series sorely lacked was a badass Jedi. With more of him in the picture things really open up and become an adventure. Previously the heroes limped along figuring things out and barely avoiding death. The dynamics between the characters, especially the oddly friendly bounty hunter robot, are interesting and clever. This issue contains chase scenes, a monster on Jedi fight, and a Sith losing his s--t on his minions. Could you ask for anything more in a Star Wars comic?

Sick tech drawings man!

I wasn’t completely sold on Gabriel Hardman’s gritty style last issue, but it really shines in here. It’s quite possibly I was sold on on the incredible scenes in this issue whereas the last didn’t have as much going on, but damn does it look spiffy. It helps that the pacing of the issue keeps the gas pedal down, but still manages to instill quirks from all the characters.

Jedis and guns don’t mix.

Nom nom nom nom!

In previous issues Ania took up most of the real estate, and while that’s great and all, I really dig the balance between characters in this issue. The characters are made even stronger when they’re communicating and taking action as they do here and I commend Corinna Bechko, and Gabriel Hardman’s writing here.

In space it’s all about the banter.


  • The art screams with the grit and grime of the Star Wars universe
  • Great character dynamics in play
  • Predictable in some sense but still highly entertaining

Everything is coming together nicely this issue. Those looking for the political side of things alluded to last issue shouldn’t hold their breath, but I can’t see that being an issue either. Essentially this issue gets the band together as tensions build into the next issue. Considering we get a gnarly looking alien beastie and a full throttle script I don’t see how you could complain either way.

Is It Good?

Yes. Dig the action, dig the characters, dig the plot advancement!


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